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The Upshaws Part 5 Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

The Upshaws Part 5 Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Upshaws Part 5 Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

The Upshaws Part 5 Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“The Upshaws” is a funny TV show made in America created by Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes. It stars Wanda Sykes, Mike Epps, Kim Fields, Diamond Lyons, Khali Spraggins, Journey Christine, and Jermelle Simon. The show first came out on Netflix on May 12, 2021. After people loved it, they decided to make more! They said yes to a second season in June 2021. The first part of the second season came out on June 29, 2022. Then, the second part premiered on February 16, 2023.

Fans were excited when they heard there would be a third season, announced in October 2022. It finally premiered on August 17, 2023. In December 2023, they even said there would be a fourth season! Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the six new episodes of Part 5, which will come out in Spring 2024. And Part 6, which is the fourth season, will have even more episodes—10 of them!

Age Rating: TV-14

“The Upshaws” carries a TV-14 rating generally but Netflix rated it as 18+, indicating that the content may be unsuitable for younger teens without parental guidance. This rating serves as a guideline for parents and viewers, offering insights into the nature of the content and its suitability for different age groups.

Reasons Behind the Age Rating:

  1. Language: The series may contain mild to moderate use of profanity and language that some parents may find inappropriate for younger viewers.
  2. Themes: “The Upshaws” explores various themes relevant to family dynamics, including relationships, parenting, and personal struggles. While these themes are presented in a comedic light, some content may require parental discretion due to its mature nature.
  3. Humor: The humor in “The Upshaws” often revolves around everyday situations and interactions within the family. While the humor is accessible to a wide audience, certain jokes or scenarios may be more suitable for older viewers.
  4. Adult Situations: The series may depict adult situations, such as discussions about relationships, career challenges, and financial struggles. These themes contribute to the authenticity of the show but may require parental guidance for younger viewers.

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Viewer Discretion Advised:

While “The Upshaws” is suitable for older teenagers and adults, parental discretion is advised for younger viewers. Parents and guardians are encouraged to preview the content and consider their child’s maturity level and sensitivity to certain themes before allowing them to watch.

Series Details:

TitleThe Upshaws
Release DateApril 18, 2024
CreatorsRegina Y. Hicks, Wanda Sykes
Original LanguageEnglish
Country of OriginUnited States

Top Cast:

Kim FieldsRegina Upshaw
Wanda SykesLucretia
Mike EppsBennie Upshaw
Diamond LyonsBernard Jr.
Khali SpragginsAaliyah Upshaw
Journey ChristineMaya Upshaw
Jermelle SimonKelvin Upshaw
Gabrielle DennisTasha
Page KennedyDuck
Leonard Earl HowzeReginald
Dewayne PerkinsBernard Sr.
Chris WilliamsRay
Michel EstimePastor Nelson
Diane DelanoMiss Tootsie


Set in Indianapolis, “The Upshaws” revolves around Bennie Upshaw, a well-intentioned mechanic striving to navigate the complexities of family life while facing life’s ups and downs. Supported by his wife Regina, portrayed by Kim Fields, and their children, Bennie juggles responsibilities, dreams, and occasional setbacks, all while seeking to provide for his loved ones. The series showcases the challenges and triumphs of the Upshaw family as they navigate relationships, careers, and unexpected surprises, anchored by the enduring power of familial love.


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