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Girls5eva Season 3 Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Girls5eva Season 3 Age Rating and Parents Guide
Girls5eva Season 3 Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Girls5eva Season 3 Age Rating and Parents Guide:

Girls5eva is a super fun musical comedy series created by Meredith Scardino. The series is all about four friends who used to be in a pop group together! It all started on May 6, 2021, when the show first aired on Peacock. These awesome ladies were part of a group called Girls5eva back in the early 2000s, and they had one big hit song. But after that, they kinda disappeared from the music scene. Now, they’re all feeling a bit stuck in their lives and want to chase their musical dreams once more.

After a successful first and second season, the show got even more exciting news in October 2022 – it was moving to Netflix for Season 3. Third season is set to premiere on March 14, 2024, exclusively on Netflix.

Age Rating: TV-MA

Girls5eva Season 3, the hit musical comedy series, carries a TV-MA rating, indicating that it is intended for mature audiences only. This means that the content may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 17 without parental guidance.

Reasons for TV-MA Rating:

  1. Mature Themes: Girls5eva Season 3 explores adult themes such as relationships, careers, and personal struggles. While these topics are presented in a comedic light, they may still involve complex situations and mature content.
  2. Strong Language: The show may feature strong language, including profanity and explicit dialogue. This aspect of the content is one of the main reasons for the TV-MA rating.
  3. Sexual Content: Like many adult-oriented comedies, Girls5eva Season 3 may include scenes with sexual content, innuendo, and references. While these moments are often played for laughs, they may not be suitable for younger viewers.
  4. Drug and Alcohol Use: As with many shows aimed at mature audiences, Girls5eva may depict characters consuming alcohol or using drugs. These portrayals are realistic and may not be appropriate for younger viewers.
  5. Violence: While Girls5eva is primarily a comedy series, it may occasionally feature comedic instances of violence or physical humor. Parents should be aware of these scenes and determine whether they are suitable for their children.

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Viewer Discretion Advised:

Parents and guardians are advised to exercise caution when allowing younger viewers to watch Girls5eva Season 3 due to its TV-MA rating. While the show offers entertainment and comedic value, it also contains elements that may not be suitable for all audiences. It is recommended that parents preview the content or watch alongside their children to ensure that it aligns with their family’s values and comfort levels.

Series Details:

TitleGirls5eva Season 3
Release DateMarch 14, 2024
CreatorMeredith Scardino
Executive ProducersTina Fey, Robert Carlock, Jeff Richmond, David Miner, Eric Gurian, Meredith Scardino
Age RatingTV-MA
GenreComedy, Music
Original LanguageEnglish

Top Cast:

Cast MemberCharacter
Busy PhilippsSummer
Paula PellGloria
Renée Elise GoldsberryWickie
Sara BareillesDawn
Erika HenningsenYoung Wickie
Ashley ParkYoung Summer
Daniel BreakerScott
Andrew RannellsKev
Jonathan HadaryLarry
Janine BritoJanice
Grey HensonLance
Jeremiah CraftTJ
Piter MarekMarcin
Tina FeyDolly Parton
Dean WintersHugh
Penelope RichmondPam
Vanessa WilliamsGail
Eddie HarrisonBob
Jeff RichmondKeith
Meredith ScardinoDebbie
Robert CarlockJohn
Stephen ColbertHimself


Girls5eva Season 3 follows the journey of four women who were part of a ’90s girl group that experienced fleeting fame before fading into obscurity. Now, decades later, they reunite with hopes of reclaiming their pop star dreams. As they navigate the challenges of adulthood, including relationships, parenthood, and career struggles, the group embarks on a quest for musical success once more.


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