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Mary & George Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Mary & George Age Rating and Parents Guide
Mary & George Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Mary & George Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Mary & George” is an upcoming British historical drama miniseries that delves into the audacious narrative of Mary Villiers and her son George, set against the backdrop of 16th century England. The series, inspired by Benjamin Woolley’s non-fiction book “The King’s Assassin,” unravels the remarkable journey of Mary Villiers, who orchestrated her son’s ascent to power as the rumored lover of King James I. As they navigate the treacherous corridors of the English court, their relentless pursuit of power leads them to the pinnacle of influence, while also entangling them in scandal and suspicion. The series is slated for release on March 5, 2024, in the United Kingdom and April 5 in the United States.

Age Rating: TV-MA or 18+

While Sky Atlantic has assigned a rating of 15 to “Mary & George,” it’s essential to consider the elements showcased in trailers and promotional material, which hint at a narrative rich in intimate scenes, gay encounters, and instances of violence. Given these factors, a suggested age rating of 18 seems appropriate, aligning with the mature themes and content likely to be depicted throughout the series.

Reasons behind the Age Rating:

  1. Intimate Scenes: Trailers for “Mary & George” have provided glimpses of intense and intimate moments between characters, hinting at romantic entanglements and complex relationships. These scenes, while integral to the storyline, may contain explicit content and nudity, making them more suitable for mature audiences.
  2. Gay Encounters: The series explores the rumored romantic relationship between George Villiers and King James I, presenting nuanced portrayals of same-sex attraction and relationships within the context of historical events. While essential for character development and historical accuracy, these depictions may be better suited for viewers who can appreciate the complexity of such themes.
  3. Intrigue and Political Machinations: At its core, “Mary & George” delves into the cutthroat world of English court politics, where manipulation, betrayal, and power struggles abound. Scenes depicting political intrigue and scheming may feature morally ambiguous characters and morally grey decisions, challenging viewers to navigate the complexities of loyalty and ambition.
  4. Violence: Given the turbulent historical backdrop of the series, instances of violence and confrontation are to be expected. Whether on the battlefield or within the confines of the court, scenes of warfare, duels, and physical altercations may contain graphic content and realistic depictions of bloodshed, warranting caution for younger viewers.

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Series Details:

TitleMary & George
Release DateUnited Kingdom: March 5, 2024
United States: April 5, 2024
Created byD. C. Moore
Based on“The King’s Assassin” by Benjamin Woolley
DirectorsOliver Hermanus, Alex Winckler, Florian Cossen
NetworkSky Atlantic (UK), Starz (US)
Taglines“Lust. For Power.”
Main GenreHistory, Drama
Number of Episodes7
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Official SiteSky Atlantic
Production CompaniesHera Pictures, SKY Studios

Top Cast:

Lydia FlemingAnne Turner
Julianne MooreMary Villiers
Niamh AlgarSandie
Nicola WalkerLady Hatton
Tony CurranKing James I
Ryan OlivaWearstrap
Trine DyrholmQueen Anne
Sean GilderSir Thomas Compton
Amelia GethingFrances Coke
Simon Russell BealeSir George Villiers
Jacob McCarthyKit Villiers
Gianni CalchettiMedical Team
Tom VictorJohn Villiers
Helen CoathupGoadby Servant Girl
Richard SuttonWilliam
Roxy HaylockLady of the night
Alice GrantSusan Villiers
Daniel JordanPriest


In 1592, Mary Villiers gives birth to her second son, George, and begins an ambitious journey to seize power. Despite rumors about her background, Mary shapes George to become a favorite of King James I, possibly even his lover. Together, they rise to prominence in the English court, becoming powerful advisors to the king. Amidst threats like a looming Spanish invasion and public unrest against the king, Mary & George navigate treacherous waters. Mary employs ruthless tactics, including marriage, bribery, and collaboration with criminals, to solidify their position.

“Mary & George” portrays their audacious rise to power, marked by manipulation, seduction, and even violence. As they ascend, they become key players in English politics, but their actions also lead to resentment and suspicion. Ultimately, they find themselves implicated in the king’s death, facing the consequences of their ambitious pursuits.

The series is inspired by the true story of Mary Villiers and her son George, who stop at nothing to conquer the English court and secure their influence over the king.

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