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Win or Lose Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Win or Lose Age Rating and Parents Guide
Win or Lose Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Win or Lose Age Rating and Parents Guide:

Pixar Animation Studios is set to make its grand debut in the realm of long-form animated television series with “Win or Lose,” a captivating creation slated to premiere on the streaming giant Disney+. Crafted by the creative minds of Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, this series promises to deliver a unique narrative experience, delving into the trials and tribulations of a co-ed middle school softball team known as the Pickles. Set to hit screens in 2024, this upcoming series promises to whisk viewers away on a thrilling adventure filled with laughter, friendship, and the thrill of competition.

Age Rating: TV-PG

“Win or Lose” has been assigned a TV-PG rating, indicating that the content is generally suitable for all ages, but parental guidance is advised. This rating suggests that while the series is intended for a broad audience, some material may not be suitable for young children without parental supervision.

Factors Influencing the Rating:

Several factors likely contributed to the TV-PG rating assigned to “Win or Lose”:

  1. Themes: The series explores universal themes such as love, rivalry, and the pursuit of victory, which are relatable to viewers of all ages. However, some themes or plotlines may require parental guidance or discussion, depending on a child’s age and maturity level.
  2. Content: While “Win or Lose” is primarily a comedy focused on the antics of a middle school softball team, it may contain mild language, innuendo, or humor that could be deemed more appropriate for older children or teenagers.
  3. Visuals: As a Pixar production, “Win or Lose” is expected to feature high-quality animation and visually appealing imagery. However, certain visual elements or scenes may warrant parental guidance, particularly if they depict intense or potentially frightening situations.

Parental Guidance Advised:

Despite its TV-PG rating, “Win or Lose” is poised to offer wholesome entertainment for families to enjoy together. Parents are encouraged to preview the series and consider its content and themes before allowing younger children to watch it independently. Additionally, watching the series together presents an opportunity for parents to engage in meaningful discussions with their children about the topics explored in the show.

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Series Details:

TitleWin or Lose
Release Date2024 (United States)
Created byCarrie Hobson, Michael Yates
Written byCarrie Hobson, Michael Yates
Directed byCarrie Hobson, Michael Yates
GenresAnimation, Comedy, Family, Sport
Country of OriginUnited States
Also Known AsПобеда или поражение
Filming LocationsPixar Animation Studios – 1200 Park Avenue, Emeryville, California, USA (Studio)
Production CompaniesPixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Runtime20 minutes

Top Cast:

Will ForteCoach Dan
Rosa SalazarVanessa
Ian Chen


“Win or Lose” revolves around the trials and tribulations of a co-ed middle school softball team known as the Pickles. As the championship game looms large on the horizon, each 20-minute episode offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of different team members, their families, and even the umpire. With its unique narrative structure, the series promises to provide a multi-dimensional view of the events leading up to the big game.

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