Wicked Little Letters Age Rating & Parents Guide (2023)

Wicked Little Letters Age Rating and Parents Guide
Wicked Little Letters Age Rating & Parents Guide (2023) 2

Wicked Little Letters Age Rating and Parents Guide:

Step back in time to the captivating era of the 1920s, where the quaint English seaside town of Littlehampton becomes the epicenter of a scandalous mystery. Set against the picturesque backdrop of coastal England, “Wicked Little Letters” promises a riveting tale of intrigue, comedy, and unexpected twists.

Directed by Thea Sharrock and penned by Jonny Sweet, this British black comedy mystery showcases a stellar ensemble cast led by the acclaimed Olivia Colman and the dynamic Jessie Buckley. Scheduled to enchant audiences, the film is set for release on February 23, 2024, in the United Kingdom, offering a delightful escape into a world where letters hold secrets and neighbors become unlikely allies in unraveling a riotous whodunit.

As “Wicked Little Letters” gears up for release, questions about its age appropriateness naturally arise. To assist viewers in making informed decisions, let’s unravel the age rating and explore what it means for different audiences.

MPAA Rating: 15

The film has been assigned a 15 certificate, indicating that it is suitable for viewers aged 15 and above. This rating serves as a guideline, offering insights into the content and themes that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

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Reasons Behind the Rating:

  1. Mature Themes: “Wicked Little Letters” delves into complex themes, including scandal, accusations, and a dramatic trial. The mature nature of these themes may resonate more with older audiences who can appreciate the nuances of the storyline.
  2. Content Interpretation: While the film is a comedy-drama, the context and content, including the depiction of a scandal and investigation, may require a level of maturity to understand and interpret.
  3. Language and Situations: Considering the film’s comedic elements and the scandalous letters at the heart of the story, there may be instances of strong language or situations that align with the 15 certificate.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the 15 certificate provides guidance, it’s essential for parents and guardians to consider their children’s maturity levels and comfort with the film’s themes. Engaging in discussions about the film’s content can enhance the viewing experience and ensure that it aligns with family values and expectations.

Film Details:

TitleWicked Little Letters
DirectorThea Sharrock
WriterJonny Sweet
Release Date23rd February 2024 (UK)
Countries of OriginUK, France
Also Known AsPequeñas cartas indiscretas
Filming LocationsSussex, England, UK
Production CompaniesBlueprint Pictures, Film4, People Person Pictures
Runtime1 hour 40 minutes
TaglinesBe careful what you post.
GenresComedy, Crime, Drama, History, Mystery

Top Cast:

Jessie BuckleyRose Gooding
Olivia ColmanEdith Swan
Timothy SpallEdward Swan
Jason WatkinsMr. Treading
Hugh SkinnerConstable Papperwick
Gemma JonesVictoria Swan
Anjana VasanPolice Officer Gladys Moss
Paul ChahidiChief Constable Spedding
Richard GouldingMr. Scales
Adam TreasurePharmacist
Susie FairfaxDorothea
Grant CrookesPolice Sergeant
Ryan MannPrison photographer


Based on an astonishing true story, “Wicked Little Letters” unravels the uproarious events that transpire when residents of Littlehampton, including the prim and proper Edith Swan (Olivia Colman), receive hilariously profane anonymous letters. The spirited Irish migrant Rose Gooding (Jessie Buckley) finds herself wrongly accused, igniting a national scandal. As the town’s women, spearheaded by Police Officer Gladys Moss (Anjana Vasan), dig deeper into the mystery, suspicions arise, casting doubt on Rose’s alleged misdeeds.

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