Who is Mina Starsiak’s Husband from Good Bones?: Meet Steve Hawk

Mina Starsiak's Husband from Good Bones
Who is Mina Starsiak's Husband from Good Bones?: Meet Steve Hawk 2

Mina Starsiak’s Husband from Good Bones

Behind every successful businesswoman and reality star stands a strong and supportive partner, and in the case of Mina Starsiak, star of “Good Bones,” that partner is her husband, Steve Hawk. As “Good Bones” continues to capture hearts in its sixth season, we explore the dynamic between Mina and Steve, revealing their journey of love, family, and career.

A Family-Run Renovation Business

While the aim of “Good Bones” is to revitalize Indianapolis neighborhoods, it’s Mina’s own family that forms the emotional core of the series. Mina, along with her mother, Karen E. Laine, embarked on the journey of Two Chicks and a Hammer, their family-run home renovation business. This venture allowed Mina to work alongside her mother, siblings, and in-laws, creating a close-knit professional and personal life.

In contrast to most of Mina’s family, Steve hasn’t taken on a prominent role in Two Chicks and a Hammer. Yet, he has made appearances on “Good Bones,” leaving fans intrigued about his story. It turns out that Steve’s career background and his journey to marriage with Mina are just as captivating as any episode of the show.

Mina’s Love Story

Mina Starsiak’s love story with Steve Hawk began in 2013 when they connected through mutual friends on Facebook. Their first date didn’t go as planned, with Steve’s friends monopolizing Mina’s attention, leaving her unimpressed. However, she decided to give him another chance and texted, “We’re going to try this again tomorrow — you get one more shot.”

After some initial hiccups and a brief breakup due to Steve’s behavior, they reunited, and Steve proposed to Mina in March 2015. Their engagement was followed by a wedding a little over a year later. The couple welcomed two children, Jack in August 2018, and Charlotte in March 2020.

Who is Steve Hawk?: A Fitness Enthusiast

Steve’s career background reveals him as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. His journey into fitness began when he noticed his metabolism slowing down at the age of 28. Determined to take better care of his body and mind, he became a personal trainer, vowing to help others as he helped himself.

Today, Steve is the owner of HawkFit personal training. His programs are available on the TrueCoach app, catering to individuals’ fitness goals. He offers customized daily workouts, nutritional guidance, direct in-app messaging, and a supportive community to help individuals achieve their fitness objectives.

A Supportive Partnership

The success of “Good Bones” has made Mina a recognizable figure in public. She values her fans’ connection and usually enjoys engaging with them. However, Steve, at times, may prefer more privacy and boundaries, reflecting his balanced perspective.

Mina’s fans can find their fix by tuning into “Good Bones” or exploring other HGTV shows, such as “Rock the Block” and “Good Bones: Risky Business.”

In both love and career, Mina Starsiak and Steve Hawk make quite the team, demonstrating that behind every good businesswoman, there’s a supportive partner like Steve, helping create strong foundations for dreams to thrive.

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