Who is Lupita Dating in 2023?

Who is Lupita Dating?
Who is Lupita Dating in 2023? 3

Who is Lupita Dating?

In a recent Instagram statement, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o confirmed her breakup with TV host and sports commentator Selema Masekela. Though she didn’t mention him by name, Nyong’o expressed the need to publicly distance herself from someone she could no longer trust. She revealed her current season of heartbreak, which was brought about by a love that was suddenly extinguished due to deception.

Lupita Nyongo Instagaram
Who is Lupita Dating in 2023? 4

Notably, Nyong’o appears to have magically removed photos of Masekela from her Instagram feed, where their relationship was officially launched last December. Despite her personal turmoil, she has chosen not to hide but to share her experience, hoping it might resonate with others going through heartbreak.

However, Nyong’o seems to be finding moments of joy amidst the pain. Just one day after her breakup announcement, she was spotted at one of Janelle Monáe’s “Age of Pleasure Tour” stops, alongside newly-divorced actor Joshua Jackson from “Dawson’s Creek.” While some speculated a budding romance, sources suggest that the two are just friends who attended the concert in a larger group.

The Love Story Begins

Lupita Nyong’o had previously introduced her boyfriend, Selema Masekela, to the world in December 2022. The couple’s Instagram video showcased their chemistry and featured them in coordinating, colorful ensembles, set to “The King’s Affirmation” challenge.

Nyong’o’s Instagram post read, “We just click! 💘 @selema #thisismylove #nuffsaid,” to which Masekela responded with affectionate words.

Who Is Selema Masekela?

Selema Masekela has a diverse background, being the son of the legendary South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela. He has made a name for himself in the media industry, working for various TV shows and hosting events like ESPN’s X Games. Masekela is also a musician with a band called Alekesam, and his music has even been featured in popular TV shows.

The couple’s love story appears to have begun in 2016, with Masekela sharing a tweet about being seated behind Lupita Nyong’o on a flight and asking for Twitter’s help to strike up a conversation. Clearly, his efforts paid off as they ended up together.

Additionally, Masekela is deeply connected to his African roots, owning a surfing brand, Alekesam. This venture is rooted in his love for surfing and South Africa, where he fell in love with the sport in the 1990s when his father, Hugh Masekela, returned after 30 years of exile.

Nyong’o and Masekela’s relationship may have come to an end, but their individual journeys continue. Nyong’o’s appearance with Joshua Jackson signifies the start of a new chapter in her life, one filled with experiences and connections that bring her joy and personal growth.

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