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Where is Alaska Daily Filmed? Unveiling the Show’s Details

Where is Alaska Daily Filmed Unveiling the Show's Details

In the realm of television dramas, some shows aim to entertain, while others strive to shed light on real-world issues. The ABC show Alaska Daily falls into the latter category. Premiering on October 6, 2022, and concluding on March 30, 2023, this captivating drama was inspired by “Lawless S*xual Violence in Alaska,” a series by Kyle Hopkins published in The Anchorage Daily News and Pro Publica.

Alaska Daily revolves around Eileen Fitzgerald, a New York investigative journalist who, after being canceled, finds herself starting anew at the fictional Daily Alaskan newspaper in Anchorage. Eileen teams up with her colleague Roz Friendly to uncover the truth behind the alarming rates of missing and murdered Indigenous persons.

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Where is Alaska Daily Filmed? Unveiling the Show's Details 4

Hilary Swank delivers a remarkable performance as Eileen Fitzgerald, bringing depth and complexity to the character. Grace Dove shines as Roz Friendly, showcasing her talent and dedication to the role. The ensemble cast includes Jeff Perry, Meredith Holzman, Matt Malloy, Pablo Castelblanco, Ami Park, and Craig Frank, who contribute to the show’s captivating storytelling.

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Where is Alaska Daily Filmed?

The majority of Alaska Daily was not filmed in Alaska, USA. Instead, the show was mainly recorded in Canada. The show was recorded in various places in Canada, like, Burnaby, British Columbia, Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, and Richmond.

Here are notable filming locations:

1. Anchorage, Alaska (U.S.A)

a. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Alaska (U.S.A)

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, an 11-mile-long trail designated for non-motorized use, made appearances, capturing the rugged beauty of Alaska’s coastline. It’s named after Tony Knowles, a former governor of Alaska.

b. The Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Alaska (U.S.A)

The Lake Hood Seaplane Base, known as the world’s busiest seaplane base, added an authentic touch to the show’s portrayal of the region. 

c. Hotel Captain Cook, Alaska (U.S.A)

The historic Hotel Captain Cook, located in downtown Anchorage, lent its unique charm to the series with over 545 rooms. The hotel is named after Captain James Cook, a British explorer.

2. British Columbia (Canada)

Hilary Swank’s crime drama was also filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Here is the most prominent location in British Columbia that served as the majestic canvas for this cinematic masterpiece.

a. Squamish, British Columbia (Canada)

Alaska Daily also ventured to Squamish, British Columbia. The cast and crew filmed numerous scenes at the picturesque Squamish Spit and Estuary, situated at the mouth of the Squamish River as it flows into Howe Sound. The inclusion of this scenic spot added visual richness to the show’s narrative.

3. Burnaby (Canada)

The fictional Daily Alaskan office and the surrounding strip mall were meticulously constructed in Burnaby.

4. Vancouver (Canada)

5. Surrey (Canada)

6. Richmond (Canada)

7. New Westminster (Canada)

Audience Reception and Cancellation

The Alaska Daily Show received a positive response from viewers, garnering an average viewership of 5.4 million people. However, its demo rating fell short compared to other dramas airing on ABC during that time. Unfortunately, in May 2023, the network made the difficult decision to cancel the series after just one season. Deadline reported that the show’s cancellation was primarily due to its high production costs and lower-than-expected ratings.

Where to Watch Alaska Daily?

Apart from being available on Alaska Daily’s production company’s platform, ABC, this famous crime drama can also be streamed by users in the United States on Spectrum, Fubo, and Directv. Additionally, viewers in the US have the option to purchase the show on Apple TV, Google Play, and Amazon. However, Canadian users only have the option to watch the show on Google Play. Unfortunately, this show is not officially accessible to users in countries, such as New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and others, for online streaming.


Alaska Daily Show may have had a short-lived presence on television screens, but its impact is not easily forgotten. By humanizing journalists and exploring their personal lives, the series sheds light on the crucial role they play in uncovering the truth.

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