Unsung Hero Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024)

Unsung Hero Age Rating and Parents Guide
Unsung Hero Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024) 2

Unsung Hero Age Rating and Parents Guide:

Prepare to embark on a heartfelt journey of faith, family, and musical triumph as ‘Unsung Hero’ graces the silver screen on April 26, 2024. This highly anticipated American Christian drama, directed by Richard Ramsey and Joel Smallbone, promises to captivate audiences with its poignant portrayal of the Smallbone family’s remarkable true story. Set against the backdrop of Nashville, Tennessee, the film chronicles the resilience of parents David and Helen Smallbone, portrayed by Joel Smallbone and Daisy Betts, as they navigate life’s challenges and inspire their children to rise to fame in the world of Inspirational Music.

While the film promises to inspire and captivate, the question of its age appropriateness naturally arises. With a PG rating for thematic elements, let’s explore the considerations behind this classification and what it signifies for potential viewers.

Age Rating: PG

The Motion Picture Association (MPAA) has designated “Unsung Hero” with a PG rating, indicating that some material may not be suitable for children. Unlike films rated G, which are deemed generally suitable for all ages, PG-rated films may contain content that requires parental guidance. In the case of “Unsung Hero,” the thematic elements within the storyline likely influenced this rating.

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Reasons for the PG Rating:

  1. Thematic Elements: The film explores themes of resilience, faith, and overcoming adversity. While these themes offer valuable life lessons, they may also contain elements or situations that younger viewers might find challenging to fully grasp or could require parental guidance for comprehension.
  2. Emotional Depth: Given the true-to-life challenges faced by the Smallbone family, the film may depict emotional situations or conflicts that could be intense or complex for younger audiences.
  3. Mature Content: While the film focuses on faith and family, the portrayal of real-life struggles and triumphs may touch upon topics or discussions that are more suitable for mature viewers.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

The PG rating serves as a guideline, prompting parents and guardians to consider whether “Unsung Hero” aligns with their family’s values and their child’s maturity level. Engaging in conversations about the film’s themes and content can enhance the viewing experience and provide opportunities for meaningful discussions with young viewers.

Film Details:

DirectorRichard Ramsey, Joel Smallbone
WritersRichard Ramsey, Joel Smallbone
MPAA RatingPG (for thematic elements)
Release DateApril 26, 2024 (United States)
Country of OriginUnited States
Production CompaniesCandy Rock Entertainment, Kingdom Story Company
GenresDrama, Family

Top Cast:

Daisy BettsHelen Smallbone
Joel SmallboneDavid Smallbone
Kirrilee BergerRebecca Smallbone
Jonathan JacksonEddie Degarmo
Lucas BlackJed Albright
Paul Luke BonenfantDaniel Smallbone
Diesel La TorracaJoel Smallbone (Young)
JJ PantanoLuke Smallbone (Young)
Tenz McCallBen Smallbone (Young)
Angus K. CaldwellJosh Smallbone (Young)
Hillary ScottLuanne Meece
Lance E. NicholsArt Meriweather
Roslyn GentleNana Smallbone
Candace Cameron BureKay Albright
Terry O’QuinnGrandpa James
Don MostPierce
Beau WirickMatt
Rachel HendrixAmy Grant


Set in 1991, “Unsung Hero” transports viewers from Australia to the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee. The Smallbone family, led by parents David (Joel Smallbone of For King & Country) and Helen (Daisy Betts), embarks on a journey filled with hope and ambition. When David’s music company faces challenges, the family’s faith becomes their guiding light. Helen’s unwavering belief in the face of adversity sets the stage for her children’s musical talents to flourish, eventually leading to the rise of For King & Country and Rebecca St. James in the inspirational music scene.

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