Udeekan Teriyan Box Office Collection Day 1

Udeekan Teriyan Box Office Collection Day 1

Udeekan Teriyan Box Office Collection Day 1

Raj Sinha’s directorial Udeekan Teriyan movie has taken the box office by storm. The movie, which was released in both domestic and international markets, has reportedly earned a whopping ₹1.30 Crore on its opening day alone.

According to various reports, the domestic collections may stand at ₹0.90 Crore, while the international collections were equally impressive at ₹0.40 Crore.

Here is the breakdown of Udeekan Teriyan’s domestic and international box office collections.

Domestic ₹0.90 Crore
International₹0.40 Crore
Total Collections₹1.30 Crore

Udeekan Teriyan Day 1 Occupancy

On its first day of release, In the main cities of India, the Udeekan Teriyan movie may have overall occupancy of 12.12%. Here are the whole-day occupancy rates:

Morning Shows: 10%

Afternoon Shows: 13%

Evening Shows: 13%

Night Shows: 16.5%

CityOverall PercentageMorningAfternoonEveningNight

About Movie

Udeekan Teriyan Movie

Udeekan Teriyan

Director:  Raj Sinha

Writer: Sagi A Agnihotri, Ajay Bawa, & Raj Sinha

Starring: Jaswinder Bhalla, Pukhraj Bhalla

Genre:  Comedy, Family

Release Date: April 14, 2023

This movie stars Jaswinder Bhalla and Seema Kaushal in the lead role. While Vindu Dara Singh, Harby Sangha, Gunjan Katoch, Amar Noorie and others play the supporting role. In this film, Pukhraj Bhalla also appears in a cameo.

Disclaimer: Our reporter has compiled the box office details of this movie from various sources. We do not claim that this data is 100% accurate.

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