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The Way Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

The Way Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Way Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

The Way Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“The Way” is a compelling British television series that delves into the struggles of the Driscoll family amidst the backdrop of civil unrest in the United Kingdom. Created by a talented trio comprising Michael Sheen, Adam Curtis, and James Graham, the series offers a poignant narrative directed by Sheen himself. With its release on February 19, 2024, on BBC One, “The Way” promises to captivate audiences with its intense drama and stellar cast.

Suggested Age Rating: 15+ or TV-MA

Based on the storyline and genre analysis, a suggested age rating for “The Way” would be 15+ or TV-MA (Mature Audience).


  1. Intense Themes: “The Way” tackles heavy themes such as industrial accidents, suicide, civil unrest, and government crackdowns. The portrayal of these themes may be intense and emotionally challenging for younger viewers.
  2. Violence and Disturbing Scenes: The series depicts scenes of riots, clashes between protesters and authorities, and the use of force by law enforcement and mercenaries. These scenes may contain violence and intensity unsuitable for younger audiences.
  3. Language and Mature Content: Given the mature themes and realistic portrayal of societal issues, the series may feature strong language and adult-oriented content, including discussions of drug abuse and political tensions.
  4. Complex Character Relationships: The storyline involves complex family dynamics, personal struggles, and relationships, which may require a level of maturity to fully understand and appreciate.

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Viewer Discretion Advised:

While “The Way” offers a compelling narrative and thought-provoking themes, it is important for viewers to exercise discretion, particularly when considering younger audiences. Parental guidance is strongly recommended for viewers under the age of 17, as the series may contain content not suitable for all ages.

Series Details:

TitleThe Way
Release DateFebruary 19, 2024 (United Kingdom)
Created byMichael Sheen, Adam Curtis, James Graham
Screenplay byJames Graham
Directed byMichael Sheen
NetworkBBC One
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Filming LocationsPort Talbot, Wales
Production CompaniesBBC Studios, Little Door Productions, Location Safety

Top Cast:

Michael SheenDenny Driscoll
Steffan RhodriGeoff
Mali HarriesDee
Sophie MelvilleThea
Callum Scott HowellsOwen
Maja LaskowskaAnna
Aneurin BarnardDan
Mark Lewis JonesGlynn
Paul RhysAkela
Erin RichardsWillis
Tom CullenJack Price
Danny SapaniThe Vicar
Catherine AyersElaine
Patrick BaladiHector
Georgia TennantMillie
Rufus WrightJez
Edward LlewelynLocal Police Officer
David K.S. TseMr. Kwan


In the town of Port Talbot, tensions rise when a steelworker commits self-immolation following his son’s death in an industrial accident. The workers fear the steelworks might close, devastating the community. Geoff Driscoll, a union steward haunted by his father’s suicide, tries to calm the workers, but management’s actions worsen the situation, leading to a strike.

Meanwhile, Geoff’s children, Owen and Thea, deal with their own struggles. Thea protects Owen from drug dealers, while Owen pursues a relationship with Anna, a Polish immigrant. As civil unrest spreads, the government intervenes, escalating the conflict. During a riot, Owen is detained, and martial law is declared in Wales. The family flees, fearing for their safety. They reunite with Owen but must escape the violence. Along the way, they encounter anti-Welsh sentiment and mercenaries hired to hunt them down.

Seeking refuge in England, they face more danger. They attempt to cross the Channel to France but encounter trouble. Geoff sacrifices himself to save the others, and they are detained by French police. Back in Wales, Owen returns to Port Talbot with Anna. He symbolically casts away his father’s sword, signifying closure.


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