The Taste of Things Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023)

The Taste of Things Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Taste of Things Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023) 2

The Taste of Things Age Rating and Parents Guide:

Step back in time to the flavorful world of 1885 France, where romance blossoms amidst the tantalizing aromas of gourmet cuisine. “The Taste of Things” (French: La Passion de Dodin Bouffant) invites audiences on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of a historical love story, beautifully crafted by director Trần Anh Hùng. Starring the dynamic duo of Juliette Binoche and Benoît Magimel, this film promises a cinematic experience rich in emotion, culinary artistry, and timeless romance.

Age Rating: 12A

“The Taste of Things” carries a 12A age rating, indicating that it is deemed suitable for viewers aged 12 and above. The 12A rating indicates that the film is generally suitable for viewers aged 12 and over. However, younger children under the age of 12 can still watch the film if accompanied by an adult. The rating acknowledges that while the film may contain material unsuitable for younger children, parental guidance can facilitate a meaningful viewing experience for older children.

Reasons for the Rating:

  1. Moderate Intensity: The film may feature scenes with moderate intensity or content that could be unsettling for younger viewers. The 12A rating offers a cautionary note to parents, encouraging them to assess their child’s readiness to engage with such content.
  2. Romantic Themes: Given the film’s focus on romance and interpersonal relationships, the rating serves as a reminder for parents to consider whether the thematic elements align with their child’s maturity level.
  3. Culinary Imagery: The depiction of gastronomy and culinary artistry, while captivating, may contain elements or references that require parental discretion.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the 12A rating provides a helpful guideline, parental involvement remains crucial. Engaging in discussions about the film’s themes and content can enrich the viewing experience, fostering understanding and appreciation.

Film Details:

TitleThe Taste of Things
DirectorTrần Anh Hùng
WriterTrần Anh Hùng
Release DateNovember 8, 2023 (France), February 9, 2024 (United States)
Countries of OriginFrance, Belgium
Age Rating12A
GenreDrama, History, Romance
Also Known AsThe Way to the Heart
Filming LocationsMaine-et-Loire, France
Production CompaniesCuriosa Films, Gaumont, France 2 Cinéma
Runtime2 hours 15 minutes

Accolades and Releases:
“The Taste of Things” made its grand debut on May 24, 2023, at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, where Trần Anh Hùng was honored with the Best Director award. The film was also selected as the French entry for Best International Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards and was among the 15 finalists. Following its theatrical release in France on November 8, 2023, the film is set to enchant audiences in the United States with a limited release on February 9, 2024, expanding wide on February 14, courtesy of IFC Films and Sapan Studio.

Top Cast:

Juliette BinocheEugénie
Benoît MagimelDodin Bouffant
Emmanuel SalingerRabaz
Patrick d’AssumçaoGrimaud
Galatéa BellugiViolette
Jan HammeneckerMagot
Frédéric FisbachBeaubois
Bonnie Chagneau-RavoirePauline
Jean-Marc RoulotAugustin
Yannik LandreinLe père de Pauline
Sarah AdlerLa mère de Pauline
Mhamed ArezkiLe Prince
Pierre GagnaireL’officier de bouche du Prince
Clément Hervieu-LégerL’ambassadeur du Prince (as Clément Hervieu-Léger de la Comédie Française)
Laurent ClaretMédecin
Fleur FitoussiJeune femme
Chloé LambertUne candidate
Anouk FeralUne candidate


In the heart of France, Eugénie, a talented chef, has devoted 20 years of her life to crafting exquisite dishes alongside the celebrated restaurant owner Dodin. Their culinary creations have garnered international acclaim drawing diners from far and wide. However, as their bond deepens, their shared passion for food blossoms into a romance. While Dodin yearns for marriage, the fiercely independent Eugénie resists. The story unfolds with Dodin’s heartfelt attempt to win Eugénie’s heart through his culinary artistry.

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