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The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy” is an exciting animated series that brings together a stellar cast to explore the hilarious and perilous adventures of Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak, two brilliant female alien doctors. Created by Cirocco Dunlap, and featuring the talents of Natasha Lyonne, Kieran Culkin, Keke Palmer, and others, the show promises a unique blend of animation, action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, and thriller elements. Set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on February 23, 2024, this series is poised to take audiences on an intergalactic journey filled with bizarre medical cases and cosmic chaos.

Genre and Tone:

The series boasts a diverse blend of genres, including animation, action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, and thriller. With its animated format and comedic elements, it is likely to appeal to a broad audience, including both younger viewers and adults. However, the inclusion of sci-fi and thriller elements may introduce complexities that require a level of maturity to fully appreciate.

Suggested Age Rating: TV-G

Considering the genre, storyline, and expected tone of “The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy,” a suggested age rating of TV-G (General Audience) seems fitting. TV-G indicates that the content is suitable for all audiences, with no offensive language or explicit material. This rating assures parents that the show is appropriate for viewers of all ages, making it a great option for family entertainment.

Reasoning for TV-G Rating:

  1. Animated Nature: Animated series tend to have a broader appeal to audiences of all ages, making them suitable for family viewing.
  2. Humorous Tone: The comedic elements and light-hearted nature of the series suggest that the content is unlikely to include material that would be unsuitable for a general audience.
  3. Sci-Fi Adventure: The sci-fi and adventure elements are likely to be presented in a manner that is entertaining and engaging without delving into mature themes.
  4. Family-Friendly Content: Given the collaborative efforts of the creators, including Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne, it is reasonable to assume that the content will be crafted with a family-friendly approach, making it suitable for audiences of all ages.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

While the suggested age rating is set as TV-G, it’s important for parents and guardians to exercise their discretion based on their knowledge of their child’s sensitivities and maturity level. The series may include content that some parents might find suitable for slightly older viewers, and as such, parental guidance is encouraged.

Series Details:

TitleThe Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy
CreatorCirocco Dunlap ,Maya Rudolph, Danielle Renfrew Behrens, Natasha Lyonne
Release DateFebruary 23, 2024 (United States)
Country of OriginUnited States
Production Companies3 Arts Entertainment, Amazon MGM Studios, Amazon Studios
NetworkAmazon Prime Video
GenresAnimation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Top Cast:

Natasha LyonneNurse Tup
Kieran CulkinDr. Plowp
Keke PalmerDr. Klak
Stephanie HsuDr. Sleech
Gary Anthony Williams
Maya RudolphDr. Vlam
Tracee Ellis Ross
John Waters
Abbi Jacobson
Bowen Yang
Jay Ellis
Lennon Parham
Sam SmithDr. Azel
Andrew Dismukes


The storyline revolves around Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak, intergalactically renowned surgeons and best friends, as they tackle rare sci-fi illnesses plaguing the galaxy. In Season One, the duo takes on a dangerous and potentially groundbreaking medical case that puts not only their skills to the test but the very existence of the universe. Amidst the chaos of their medical adventures, viewers get a glimpse into the dismal personal lives of Sleech and Klak, where the prospect of oblivion might seem like an improvement.

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