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The New Look Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

The New Look Age Rating and Parents Guide
The New Look Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

The New Look Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“The New Look,” a captivating biographical drama television series, is set to grace Apple TV+ screens, offering viewers a vivid portrayal of the legendary Christian Dior’s post-World War II journey. Created by Todd A. Kessler, this series promises an intriguing narrative exploring the rise of Dior and his groundbreaking impact on the world of fashion.

Genre and Content Analysis:

“The New Look” falls into the genres of Biography, Drama, and History, promising a riveting narrative that delves into the life of Christian Dior and the fashion industry’s transformation after the war. The storyline not only portrays the glamour of the fashion world but also captures the intense and sometimes tumultuous moments of a post-war era. This includes the depiction of war times, mature content, and potentially intense scenes that warrant consideration for a more mature audience.

Age Rating: TV-MA (Mature Audiences)

“The New Look” has been assigned with a TV-MA rating due to the mature themes, complex character dynamics, and potentially intense historical content. This designation is typically applied to content that is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. TV-MA content may contain strong language, sexual content, violence, or other mature themes that require a more discerning audience.

Reasons for TV-MA Rating:

  1. Depiction of War Time: The series is set in the aftermath of World War II, exploring the challenges faced during this tumultuous period. The depiction of wartime struggles may involve intense and mature themes that are more suitable for mature audiences.
  2. Mature Content: As a biographical drama, “The New Look” may delve into the personal and professional lives of its characters, addressing complex and mature themes that warrant a mature audience.
  3. Intense Scenes: The creation of the “New Look” by Christian Dior is likely to be portrayed with passion and intensity, potentially involving scenes that could be emotionally charged or graphically depicted, making it more appropriate for mature viewers.
  4. Historical Realism: To authentically represent the historical context of post-war Paris and the competitive fashion industry, the series may incorporate elements that could be challenging for younger audiences to comprehend.

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Viewer Discretion Advised:

A TV-MA rating suggests that the content may not be suitable for children under 17 without parental guidance. This is especially relevant for “The New Look,” where the intricacies of the fashion industry and the portrayal of historical events may require a level of maturity to fully appreciate and understand.

Series Details:

TitleThe New Look
CreatorTodd A. Kessler
Release DateFebruary 14, 2024 (United Kingdom)
Country of OriginUnited States
Also Known AsThe New Look:時尚戰場 (The New Look: Fashion Battlefield)
Filming LocationsParis, France
Production CompanyApple Studios
GenresBiography, Drama, History
NetworkApple TV+

Top Cast:

Ben MendelsohnChristian Dior
Juliette BinocheCoco Chanel
David KammenosJacques
Glenn CloseCarmel Snow
Hélène CardonaSeamstress
John MalkovichLucien Lelong
Nuno LopesCristóbal Balenciaga
Hugo BeckerHervé
Michael CarterMaurice Dior
Maisie WilliamsCatherine Dior
Claes BangHans Von Dincklage
Thomas PoitevinPierre Balmain
Joseph OlivennesAndré Palasse
Jannis NiewöhnerWalter Schellenberg
Zabou BreitmanMadame Zehnacker
Darina Al JoundiMadam Delaaye
Christopher BuchholzBaron Vaufreland
Axel AuriantGuillaume


The series delves into the rise of the renowned fashion designer Christian Dior, exploring his journey as he dethrones the iconic Coco Chanel. Set against the backdrop of post-war Paris, Dior’s creation of the “New Look” breathes new spirit and life into the world of fashion, leaving an indelible imprint of beauty and influence.


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