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The Holdovers Age Rating and Parents Guide

The Holdovers Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Holdovers Age Rating and Parents Guide 2

The Holdovers Age Rating and Parents Guide

In the winter of 1970, “The Holdovers” invited audiences to experience a unique blend of comedy and drama directed by Alexander Payne. With a stellar cast led by Paul Giamatti, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Dominic Sessa, this American film takes us on a snow-covered journey of discomfort and joy, exploring the unexpected connections formed during an unconventional Christmas break at a New England boarding school.

MPAA Age Rating: R (Restricted)

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has bestowed “The Holdovers” with an R rating. The designation, which stands for Restricted, indicates that the film may contain material not suitable for all audiences, urging parents to exercise caution.

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Reason for the ‘R’ Rating:

An R rating indicates that the content of the film may be inappropriate for viewers under 17 years old without the accompaniment of a parent or guardian. The MPAA provides specific content descriptors to guide audiences on the reasons for the rating.

1. Language:

The film is flagged for strong language, suggesting the presence of dialogue that may be more mature or explicit. This aspect of the rating acknowledges that the use of language in the movie may go beyond what is typically found in films with lower age ratings.

2. Drug Use:

The inclusion of drug use in the rating implies that the film contains scenes or references involving substances. This could range from casual use to more intense depictions, contributing to the overall maturity level of the content.

3. Brief Sexual Material:

The brief sexual material descriptor indicates that the film includes scenes of a sexual nature, albeit limited in duration. This content may be more mature or explicit, contributing to the overall adult-oriented rating.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the R rating designates the film as suitable for adult audiences or those accompanied by a parent or guardian, it also emphasizes the importance of parental involvement. Parents are encouraged to consider the specific content descriptors and assess whether the film aligns with their family’s values and the maturity level of their teenagers.

Film Details:

TitleThe Holdovers
DirectorAlexander Payne
WriterDavid Hemingson
MPAA RatingRated R (for language, some drug use, and brief sexual material)
Release DateJanuary 19, 2024 (United Kingdom)
Country of OriginUnited States
Also Known AsЗалишені (Zalisheni)
Filming LocationsFairhaven, Massachusetts, USA
Production CompaniesMiramax, CAA Media Finance
Runtime2 hours 13 minutes
GenresComedy, Drama

Top Cast:

Paul GiamattiPaul Hunham
Da’Vine Joy RandolphMary Lamb
Dominic SessaAngus Tully
Carrie PrestonMiss Lydia Crane
Brady HepnerTeddy Kountze
Ian DolleyAlex Ollerman
Jim KaplanYe-Joon Park
Michael ProvostJason Smith
Andrew GarmanDr. Hardy Woodrup
Naheem GarciaDanny
Stephen ThorneThomas Tully
Gillian VigmanJudy Clotfelter
Tate DonovanStanley Clotfelter
Darby Lee-StackElise
Bill MootosMr. Endicott
Dustin TuckerMr. Rosenswieg
Juanita PearlMary’s Sister Peggy
Alexander CookPriest

Film Overview:

In the winter of 1970, at Barton Academy, a New England boarding school, the curmudgeonly classics professor Paul Hunham, played by Paul Giamatti, finds himself in an unexpected role as a supervisor for the ‘holdover’ students stranded on campus during Christmas break. Disliked by both students and faculty for his stern demeanor, Hunham’s enforced companions include trouble-making Angus Tully (Dominic Sessa) and grieving cafeteria administrator Mary Lamb (Da’Vine Joy Randolph), mourning her son lost in Vietnam. The narrative unfolds as Hunham attempts to impose structure on the holiday, resulting in a series of comical misadventures and unexpected connections.

As the trio faces challenges, including a chaotic chase and a revealing hospital visit, the characters form an unlikely Christmas family. The film explores themes of grief, redemption, and the power of human connection, with poignant moments and heartwarming revelations. In the end, as secrets surface and sacrifices are made, the characters find solace and understanding, making ‘The Holdovers’ a touching comedy-drama set against the backdrop of a snowy New England Christmas.

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