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The Heartbreak Agency Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024)

The Heartbreak Agency Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Heartbreak Agency Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024) 2

The Heartbreak Agency Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“The Heartbreak Agency” (Die Liebeskümmerer) is a German comedy-romance film directed by Shirel Peleg. Released on February 14, 2024, in Germany, the film challenges the notion of lovesickness in contemporary society. Written by Antonia Rothe-Liermann, Elena-Katharina Sohn, and Malte Welding, the story follows a young journalist’s journey to expose the founder of a lovesickness agency as a fake. Starring Rosalie Thomass as Maria and Laurence Rupp as Karl, the film takes viewers on a comedic and romantic adventure through the streets of Berlin. With a talented ensemble cast and captivating storyline, “The Heartbreak Agency” offers a fresh perspective on love and human connection in the modern world.

Age Rating: TV-MA or 18+

“The Heartbreak Agency” has been assigned a TV-MA or 18+ rating, due to its mature themes, language, and sexual content that may not be suitable for younger audiences. This rating is based on the film’s portrayal of adult themes and situations.

Reasons for Age Rating:

  1. Theme and Content: While the film primarily focuses on comedic and romantic elements, it also delves into the complexities of human emotions, particularly lovesickness. Some scenes involve discussions or depictions of relationships and emotional struggles, which could be better understood and appreciated by older adolescents and adults.
  2. Language: The film contains infrequent but strong language, including the use of profanity such as “f–k,” “s–t,” and derogatory terms like “p—y” and “sissy.” Such language may not be suitable for younger viewers.
  3. Sexual Content: Scenes depicting sexual activity are present in the film, including a couple in bed kissing, implying sexual intercourse. Additionally, discussions about casual sex and characters’ intentions for “uncommitted sex” are featured, which may not be appropriate for younger audiences.
  4. Drug and Alcohol Use: Adult characters are shown consuming alcohol and smoking weed throughout the film. Such depictions of substance use may not be suitable for all viewers, particularly younger audiences.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

Parents are advised to consider the content and themes of “The Heartbreak Agency” before allowing younger viewers to watch. The film’s mature language, sexual content, and depictions of substance use may require guidance and discussion with younger audiences to ensure comprehension and appropriate interpretation of the film’s messages.

Movie Detail:

TitleThe Heartbreak Agency (Die Liebeskümmerer)
DirectorShirel Peleg
WritersAntonia Rothe-Liermann, Elena-Katharina Sohn, Malte Welding
Release DateFebruary 14, 2024 (Germany)
Country of OriginGermany
Official SiteNetflix
GenresComedy, Romance
Also Known AsThe Heartbreak Agency
Filming LocationsBerlin, Germany
Production CompanyUFA Fiction
Runtime1 hour 34 minutes

Top Cast:

Rosalie ThomassMaria
Laurence RuppKarl
Cora TrubeHedi
Jakob SchreierZolt
Jerry HoffmannAnton
Denise M’BayeSibylle
Arash Marandi
Margarete TieselHilde
Maria HofstätterMartha
Özgür KaradenizTurgay
Paula SchrammSantje
Charleen DeetzSuzanne
Amélie MiloyCarina
Ariel Nil LevyFelix


In a world where lovesickness is deemed outdated and unnecessary, a young journalist sets out to expose the charming founder of a lovesickness agency as a fraud. Firmly believing that nobody can suffer from lovesickness in modern times, he embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind the agency’s operations.

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