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The Filming Locations of ‘Fighter’ (2024): From Assam to Italy

The Filming Locations of 'Fighter' 2024
The Filming Locations of 'Fighter' (2024): From Assam to Italy 2

The Filming Locations of ‘Fighter’

Scheduled for release on January 25, 2024, “Fighter” has captured the attention of audiences with its star-studded cast and compelling storyline centered around the valorous journey of IAF aviators. Directed by Siddharth Anand and featuring a star-studded cast including Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor, the film has garnered attention not only for its compelling storyline but also for its diverse and picturesque filming locations. From the serene landscapes of Pahalgam, Kashmir, to the bustling streets of Mumbai, the journey of “Fighter” takes viewers on a visual adventure that spans across multiple regions of India and even ventures to Italy.

A Glimpse into the Filming Locations of Fighter:

1. Assam

The filming odyssey of “Fighter” commenced on 14 November 2022, in the picturesque locales of Assam. The cast, including Roshan, Padukone, and Kapoor, embarked on their cinematic journey at the Tezpur Air Force Station, capturing the essence of their characters amidst the backdrop of the Air Force environment. After a 10-day schedule in Assam, the team returned to Mumbai, marking the completion of their first filming leg.

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2. Pahalgam, Kashmir

The second schedule saw the crew traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Pahalgam in Kashmir. Joined by Akshay Oberoi, the team embarked on capturing pivotal sequences, including a song and action sequences choreographed by Sunil Rodrigues. The serene beauty of Kashmir provided a contrasting backdrop for the intense action and drama unfolding on screen.

3. Hyderabad

The third schedule transported the audience to the Dundigal Air Force Academy in Hyderabad. Here, Roshan’s character, an Air Force cadet undergoing training, was brought to life against the backdrop of rigorous drills and discipline.

4. Mumbai

Mumbai became the focal point for the subsequent filming schedules, with various locations across the city serving as the backdrop for pivotal scenes. From the Chembur bungalow setting to the expansive set constructed at Yash Raj Studios, the cityscape of Mumbai became an integral part of the film’s narrative. The dedication of the cast was evident as they immersed themselves in their roles, with Kapoor showcasing his rigorous workout regimen and the team investing significant time in shooting the climax sequences.

5. Italy

The team jetted off to Italy for the filming of two songs, adding an international flair and romantic backdrop to the narrative. This schedule added a touch of elegance and romance, complementing the action-packed sequences and emotional moments captured in other locations.

In wrapping up our exploration of the filming locales for ‘Fighter,’ it’s evident that the film’s essence is deeply intertwined with its diverse settings. From the tranquil beauty of Assam and Kashmir to the bustling energy of Mumbai and the scenic charm of Italy, each location adds a unique layer to the film’s narrative. These backdrops not only elevate the storytelling but also serve as a testament to the filmmakers’ dedication to authenticity and visual splendor. As audiences await the film’s release, they can anticipate a cinematic experience that transcends boundaries, thanks in part to the breathtaking locations that have shaped ‘Fighter’ into a visual masterpiece.

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