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The Fall Guy Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024)

The Fall Guy Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Fall Guy Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024) 2

The Fall Guy Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“The Fall Guy” is not just a title; it’s a nostalgic nod to the golden age of action-packed television, now set to make a dynamic comeback on the big screen. As the much-anticipated film adaptation of the beloved 1980s TV series gears up for its release, director David Leitch and a star-studded ensemble, led by the charismatic duo of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, invite audiences on a thrilling ride filled with adrenaline, humor, and heart.

Set against the backdrop of Hollywood intrigue and high-stakes stunts, the film is slated to release on March 1, 2024, in the United Kingdom and on May 3, 2024, in the United States, offering a thrilling cinematic experience that blends action, comedy, and drama with undeniable flair.

As the film gears up for release, one question on the minds of viewers is the movie’s age rating. Let’s delve into the age rating details and what audiences can expect when it comes to family-friendly viewing.

MPAA Rating: PG-13

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has designated “The Fall Guy” with a PG-13 rating, signaling that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. The specific elements contributing to this rating include action and violence, drug content, and instances of strong language.

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Reasoning Behind the Rating:

  1. Action and Violence: The film, being an action-comedy, is likely to feature intense action sequences and stunts, which may include violence. This aspect is in line with the typical content associated with a PG-13 rating.
  2. Drug Content: The inclusion of drug-related content suggests that the storyline may involve themes or scenes related to substance use. This element contributes to the PG-13 rating and advises parental discretion.
  3. Strong Language: The presence of strong language, while not pervasive, maybe a factor that led to the PG-13 rating. Parents are encouraged to consider their children’s sensitivity to language.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the film is accessible to teenagers and above, the PG-13 rating underscores the importance of parental guidance. Parents are encouraged to assess whether the content aligns with their family values and their children’s maturity levels. The combination of action, comedy, and drama suggests a film that caters to a broad audience while acknowledging the need for discretion.

Film Details:

TitleThe Fall Guy
DirectorDavid Leitch
WritersDrew Pearce, Glen A. Larson
MPAA RatingPG-13 (for action and violence, drug content, and some strong language)
Release DateMarch 1, 2024 (UK)
May 3, 2024 (US)
Country of OriginUnited States
Also Known AsKẻ Thế Thân
Filming LocationsSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Runtime1 hour 54 minutes
GenresAction, Comedy, Drama

Top Cast:

Hannah WaddinghamGail, Jody’s executive producer
Ryan GoslingColt Seavers
Emily BluntJody Moreno
Aaron Taylor-JohnsonTom Ryder
Lee Majors
Teresa Palmer
Stephanie HsuRyder’s personal assistant
Winston DukeColt’s best friend and stunt coordinator
Robert McFarlaneRag Tag Soldier
Zara MichalesVenti
Adam DunnNigel
Jack DohertyBurke
Ben Knight
Beth ChampionNY AD
Nova OnasPedestrian
Nathan BatesParty Goer
Tim FranklinLA Bro
Shakriya TarinyawatPedestrian, Tram Passenger and Co


In “The Fall Guy,” we meet Colt Seavers, a seasoned stuntman who’s seen better days. Once at the top of his game, Colt now grapples with the wear and tear of his adventurous past and a personal journey toward healing. Fate, however, has other plans for him.

Colt finds himself back amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, working on a high-profile movie set. The irony? He’s doubling for a famous actor he once performed stunts for in his prime. The connection deepens as the film’s director happens to be Colt’s former flame, adding layers of complexity to his return.

However, the glimmer of Tinseltown is soon overshadowed by a sudden crisis: the movie’s lead actor mysteriously vanishes. With the production hanging by a thread and facing potential shutdown, Colt feels the pull of duty and nostalgia. He steps up, diving headfirst into the investigation to locate the missing star.


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