The Creepy Witch Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023)

The Creepy Witch Age Rating and Parents Guide
The Creepy Witch Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023) 2

The Creepy Witch Age Rating and Parents Guide

Get ready for a spellbinding journey into the mystical world of “The Creepy Witch,” a captivating animation directed by Kalaiarasi Sathappan and Nadeem Uddin. Written by Rajan Agarwal, Abul Kalam, and Kalaiarasi Sathappan, this tale of bravery and magic unfolds as Jasper Jackson, a young fisherman, embarks on a perilous quest to save the kingdom of Stoneland and its princess from the clutches of the malevolent witch, Helana Minerva.

As the animated adventure “The Creepy Witch” awaits its release, viewers are eager to know the age-appropriateness of this magical tale. With the official age rating yet to be assigned, a suggested rating can offer insights for parents and guardians anticipating this mystical journey for their young audience.

Content Overview:

“The Creepy Witch” weaves a story of bravery, magic, and friendship as Jasper Jackson sets out to save the kingdom of Stoneland from the clutches of the malevolent witch, Helana Minerva. Given the enchanting but potentially intense nature of the plot, a suggested age rating can guide families in determining its suitability for various age groups.

Suggested Age Rating: PG

As the movie has not been assigned an official age rating, considering the themes of magical elements, mild peril, and the potential for suspenseful moments, a suggested age rating for “The Creepy Witch” would be “PG” (Parental Guidance). This rating indicates that some material may not be suitable for children, prompting parents to provide guidance for their younger viewers.

Reasoning for the Suggested Rating:

  1. Fantasy Themes: The film explores a fantastical realm filled with magical creatures and enchanted elements, making it more accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience.
  2. Mild Peril: While the storyline involves challenges and magical adversaries, the overall tone is expected to be suitable for a family audience, with minimal intense or frightening scenes.
  3. Adventure and Friendship: The central themes of bravery, friendship, and overcoming challenges align with the positive and uplifting nature often associated with a “PG” rating.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

The suggested “PG” rating emphasizes the film’s general suitability for a wide audience but encourages parental guidance. Parents are encouraged to consider their children’s individual sensitivities and preferences, providing support and discussion where needed.

Other Details:

TitleThe Creepy Witch
DirectorsKalaiarasi Sathappan, Nadeem Uddin
WritersRajan Agarwal, Abul Kalam, Kalaiarasi Sathappan
TaglineShe won’t let you go!
Release DateDecember 24, 2023 (United Kingdom)
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Filming LocationsUK (Barnet)
Production CompanyCreepy 3D Film
Runtime1 hour 30 minutes

Plot Overview:

In a mysterious tale, Helana Minerva, aged 40, found herself cursed by her mentor Sarkoni Sorman after a forbidden romance turned sour. Transformed into an ugly old witch at 118 years, Helana sought a solution in a magical book.

Driven by revenge, Helana devised a plan to enslave the royal family through a riddle. With her potent magic, she turned the king into a skeleton, the royals into bizarre creatures, and the guards into buried idols. The 11-year-old Princess Sophie became the vessel for Helana’s dark intentions, set to be sacrificed during the annual event.

Amidst this turmoil, Jasper Jackson, a 13-year-old boy, and his friend Victor navigated life selling fish, despite Sharkone discouraging traders from their catch. A broken boat forced them on an unplanned journey to Stoneland Island, where enchanted statues attacked, leading to a thrilling adventure.

Their quest led them to the palace, where animated statues armed with weapons stood in their way. Overcoming these challenges, they reached the throne room, only to face the rising floor of the fire mound and the princess possessed by Helana’s spirits.

Now, the ordinary boys find themselves in a confrontation against magical forces, their fates intertwined with the island’s uncertain future. The story unfolds as Jasper and Victor embark on an unexpected journey, confronting the creepy witch and the enchantments that shroud Stoneland Island.

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