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The Beatles’ Now And Then Song 2023 Released: A Historic Release After 45 Years in the Making

The Beatles' Now And Then Song 2023
The Beatles' Now And Then Song 2023 Released: A Historic Release After 45 Years in the Making 2

The Beatles’ Now And Then Song 2023

Fans of The Beatles are in for a monumental treat as the iconic band gears up to release their “final song,” aptly titled “Now And Then.” This song is a true gem, having been 45 years in the making, with its inception dating back to 1978 when John Lennon penned its first bars. The song was finally completed last year, serving as a remarkable fusion of all four Beatles’ talents.

A Closing Chapter for Legends

This historic release signifies what may be the concluding chapter for one of the greatest rock bands in history. The track brings together all four Beatles—John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, creating an emotional and nostalgic moment in music history.

Where and When to Listen to ‘Now And Then’?

Release PlatformDate and Time
BBC Radio 2 & 6 MusicThursday at 14:00 GMT
Streaming ServicesAvailable from Thursday
Physical CopiesAvailable from Friday
Red & Blue AlbumsStarting from November 10

For fans eager to hear “Now And Then,” the UK premiere is scheduled on BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music at 14:00 GMT on Thursday. Simultaneously, the song will be available on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music.

Physical copies in the form of CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes will be accessible the day after. Starting from November 10, the song will be featured in the newly remastered and expanded versions of The Beatles’ Red and Blue greatest hits albums.

(Note: Times and dates may vary by region and platform.)

What Can You Expect from ‘Now And Then’?

The original demo of “Now And Then” has circulated as a bootleg for years. It’s a heartfelt love song in the signature style of John Lennon’s solo work during the 1970s, reminiscent of “Jealous Guy.” Last year, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr completed the song in the studio. George Harrison’s rhythm guitar parts recorded in 1995 were also integrated, while producer Giles Martin contributed a new string arrangement.

Early listeners describe the finished track as a poignant and moving reflection on the band’s enduring friendship. The emotional power of John and Paul singing the first chorus together, especially the line “Now and then I miss you,” is particularly resonant.

Origins of ‘Now And Then’

The journey of “Now And Then” dates back to 1978 when John Lennon recorded a demo with vocals and piano in his New York home. Following Lennon’s passing, Yoko Ono shared the recording with the surviving Beatles on a cassette that also contained demos for “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.” These two songs were finished and released as singles in 1995 and 1996, marking The Beatles’ first “new” material in 25 years.

The band initially attempted to record “Now And Then” but abandoned the session. The quality of the recording was considered too poor to salvage. The song was primarily chorus-based, lacking substantial verses.

Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Completing the Song

During the creation of The Beatles’ documentary “Get Back,” director Peter Jackson’s film company developed software that could separate overlapping sounds in recordings. This technology was used last year to produce a new mix of The Beatles’ album “Revolver.”

For “Now And Then,” the software successfully isolated John Lennon’s vocals from the original cassette recording, eliminating background noise and interference. This process resulted in Lennon’s voice being crystal clear in the finished track.

A Glimpse into The Beatles’ Past

A new video for “Now And Then” has been created by director Peter Jackson. This video, set to premiere at 14:00 GMT on Friday, contains previously unseen footage, including the earliest known film of The Beatles. The footage was provided by original drummer Pete Best and his brother Roag.

The footage showcases The Beatles performing at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church Hall in Birkenhead in February 1962, eight months before their debut single was released. This video is the only known footage of the band performing in the leather suits they wore before they achieved fame.

In a poignant moment, the video captures the band’s camaraderie, making it a significant historical find for Beatles enthusiasts.

Overall, the release of “Now And Then” is a heartfelt ode to The Beatles’ enduring legacy, offering fans a piece of the band’s history that has been cherished for decades.


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