Super Punjabi Grosses PKR 4 Crores in Overseas Markets

Super Punjabi Grosses PKR 4 Crores in Overseas Markets

Pakistani-Canadian film Super Punjabi is making headlines around the world for its outstanding performance at the international box office.

Super Punjabi Grosses PKR 4 Crores in Overseas Markets

Reports have revealed that, on its opening day, the movie has amassed a staggering $40,164,939 (PKR 4 Crores) in overseas collections. The movie was released in more than 870+ cinemas around the world. Let’s take a closer look at the film’s impressive box office earnings in key countries:

United States (USA):

Despite having limited data available, Super Punjabi film managed to achieve commendable success in the US, amassing an estimated $19,210.


The film performed exceptionally well in Canada, grossing an impressive $24,945.

New Zealand:

Although specific figures are not available, the film experienced positive reception in New Zealand, garnering approximately $3,240.


The movie resonated strongly with Australian audiences, accumulating a notable $12,694.

United Arab Emirates (UAE):

The film managed to generate substantial interest in the UAE, resulting in an estimated collection of $17,290.


Despite the lack of precise figures, Super Punjabi enjoyed a successful run in Qatar, amassing an estimated $9,443.

United Kingdom (UK):

Limited data notwithstanding, the film’s popularity was evident in the UK, where it garnered an estimated $16,400.


While precise figures are not available, The movie received a favourable response in Ireland, earning an estimated $2,812.


The film resonated with Norwegian audiences, accumulating a commendable $2,819.

Other Regions:

Although specific numbers are not provided, it is estimated that the film’s earnings in other regions reached around $25,000.

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As Super Punjabi film continues to captivate audiences globally, its remarkable box office performance reinforces its impact on both the Pakistani and Canadian film industries. With its compelling narrative and exceptional performances, the movie has cemented its position as a frontrunner in the global film landscape.

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