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Soul Age Rating and Parents Guide (2020)

Soul Age Rating and Parents Guide
Soul Age Rating and Parents Guide (2020) 2

Soul Age Rating and Parents Guide

“Soul,” the 2020 animated masterpiece by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures, captivated audiences with its unique blend of fantasy, comedy, drama, and music. Directed by Pete Docter and co-directed by Kemp Powers, the film presents a soul-stirring narrative that resonates with viewers of all ages, offering profound insights into life’s purpose and the essence of existence.

Regarding the release date, “Soul” had its direct-to-streaming debut on Disney+ on December 25, 2020. While it initially premiered at the London Film Festival in October 2020 and saw theatrical releases in certain countries, it is set to grace the theaters in the United States on January 12, 2024, offering audiences another opportunity to immerse themselves in this cinematic masterpiece on the big screen.

Age Rating: PG

The PG rating assigned to “Soul” stands as a beacon, signaling its family-friendly essence while offering a touch of guidance for viewers of all ages. A PG (Parental Guidance) rating is a testament to a film’s ability to captivate audiences while offering a gentle nudge for parents to share the experience with their children. It indicates that the film contains content that may require parental guidance, allowing families to approach the movie with awareness and anticipation.

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Reasoning Behind the PG Rating:

  1. Mature Themes: “Soul” delves into complex themes such as the meaning of life, purpose, and existential introspection. While these themes resonate with a broad audience, their depth and complexity may require parental guidance for younger viewers to fully grasp and appreciate.
  2. Emotional Depth: The film navigates poignant moments and emotional depth, exploring the nuances of joy, passion, disappointment, and self-discovery. The emotional richness of “Soul” contributes to its PG rating, ensuring that younger viewers are supported in processing and understanding these aspects.
  3. Fantasy Elements: The film’s portrayal of realms between Earth and the afterlife and its imaginative depiction of souls and existence contain fantasy elements that, while captivating, may require parental guidance for younger audiences to contextualize and comprehend.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While “Soul” carries a PG rating, it is essential for parents and guardians to consider individual sensitivities and maturity levels. Engaging in discussions about the film’s themes and content can enhance the viewing experience, fostering understanding and reflection. Parents are encouraged to assess their children’s readiness to engage with the film’s complex themes and emotional depth, ensuring a positive and meaningful cinematic experience.

Other Details:

DirectorPete Docter, Kemp Powers
WritersPete Docter, Mike Jones, Kemp Powers
Release DateDecember 25, 2020 (United Kingdom), January 12, 2024 (United States)
Countries of OriginUnited States, Japan
LanguagesEnglish, Korean, Inuktitut
Also Known AsДушевни свет (International Title)
Filming LocationsWalt Disney Feature Animation – 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California, USA
Production CompaniesWalt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios
Runtime1 hour 40 minutes

Top Cast:

Jamie FoxxJoe
Tina Fey22
Graham NortonMoonwind
Rachel HouseTerry
Alice BragaCounselor Jerry
Richard AyoadeCounselor Jerry
Phylicia RashadLibba
Donnell RawlingsDez
Angela BassettDorothea

Plot Overview:

“Soul” revolves around Joe Gardner, voiced by Jamie Foxx, a passionate middle school music teacher with dreams of becoming a renowned jazz pianist. His life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself in a realm between Earth and the afterlife, desperately seeking to reunite his soul and body. Along the way, Joe encounters 22, voiced by Tina Fey, a soul with a dim view of life on Earth, leading to a series of heartfelt and humorous escapades that challenge their perspectives on what it means to truly live.


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