Sight Unseen Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024)

Sight Unseen Age Rating and Parents Guide
Sight Unseen Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024) 2

Sight Unseen Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Sight Unseen,” a captivating Canadian crime drama television series, made its debut on CTV on January 21, 2024. Created by Karen and Nikolijne Troubetzkoy, the show brings a unique twist to the crime genre by featuring Tess Avery, a former homicide detective diagnosed as clinically blind, who, with the help of a visual assistance app and her guide Sunny Patel, continues to solve crimes for the police department.

Genre and Content Analysis:

The crime drama genre inherently involves intense and suspenseful themes, often delving into criminal investigations and the darker aspects of human behavior. “Sight Unseen” further adds a unique dimension by featuring a protagonist, Tess Avery (Dolly Lewis), who is diagnosed as clinically blind but continues to solve crimes with the assistance of a visual guide. The series explores the challenges of navigating the world with low vision and tackles complex criminal cases.

Suggested Age Rating:

Considering the genre and storyline of “Sight Unseen,” a suggested age rating would be TV-MA. This rating implies that the content may be suitable for viewers aged 17 and above. The reasoning behind this suggestion takes into account the following factors:


  1. Intense Themes: Crime dramas often involve intense and suspenseful themes, including criminal investigations, which may not be suitable for younger audiences.
  2. Complex Storylines: “Sight Unseen” delves into intricate crime-solving, potentially involving mature and complex storylines that may be more appreciated by older viewers.
  3. Visual Impairment Theme: The series explores the challenges faced by a visually impaired protagonist, which may require a level of maturity to fully comprehend and appreciate.
  4. Suspense and Thrills: The nature of crime dramas usually includes suspenseful and thrilling moments that might be more suitable for a teenage audience.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

It is important to note that age ratings are subjective, and individual sensitivities vary. Parents and guardians are encouraged to preview the content and make informed decisions based on their children’s maturity levels. Additionally, the official age rating, once released, should be the primary guideline for viewership recommendations.

Series Details:

TitleSight Unseen
GenreCrime Drama
Release DateJanuary 21, 2024
Country of OriginCanada
CreatorsKaren Troubetzkoy, Nikolijne Troubetzkoy
Filming LocationsVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Production CompaniesBlink49 Studios, Front Street Pictures
Tagline“Truth Hides in the Shadows”

Top Cast:

Dolly LewisTess Avery
Agam DarshiSunny Patel
Jarod JosephMatt Alleyne
Daniel GilliesJake Campbell
Tony GirouxDetective Leo Li
Ennis EsmerKye
Roger CrossSuperintendent Bennett
Alice Christina-CorriganMia Moss
Tegan MossRae Brampton…
Alec SantosLucas Avery
Kelcey MawemaHannah Wexler
Ash LeeMark Chan
Ese AtawoMikaela Wexler
Samuel BraunBen Adams
Teach Grant
Sean DepnerBola Omodara, Marine Officer
Byron LawsonDr. Fletcher


Tess Avery, played by Dolly Lewis, is a former homicide detective facing the challenges of navigating the world with her low vision after being diagnosed as clinically blind. With the aid of a visual assistance app and her guide Sunny Patel (Agam Darshi), who operates remotely, Tess collaborates with the police department to solve crimes. The series explores Tess’s journey to remain independent while unraveling complex criminal cases.

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