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Scoop Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Scoop Age Rating and Parents Guide
Scoop Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Scoop Age Rating and Parents Guide:

The upcoming British biographical drama “Scoop” offers a compelling glimpse into the intricate behind-the-scenes drama surrounding Prince Andrew’s controversial BBC interview. Directed by Philip Martin and featuring a stellar cast including Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell, the film promises to captivate audiences with its gripping portrayal of journalistic tenacity and royal intrigue. Set to premiere on April 5, 2024, exclusively on Netflix, “Scoop” is poised to be a must-watch for those intrigued by the intersection of media, power, and scandal.

Suggested Age Rating: R

Considering the mature themes, intense emotional content, and potential depiction of graphic material, an R rating seems appropriate for “Scoop.” This rating would ensure that the film is viewed by audiences who can engage with its complexities and handle its challenging subject matter responsibly.

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Reasons Behind the Age Rating:

  1. Mature Themes: “Scoop” delves into the behind-the-scenes negotiations and revelations surrounding Prince Andrew’s controversial BBC interview. The film tackles themes of sexual misconduct, allegations of association with convicted individuals, and the impact of media scrutiny on public figures. Such mature themes require a level of emotional maturity and understanding that may not be suitable for younger audiences.
  2. Intense Drama: As a biographical drama, “Scoop” is likely to contain emotionally charged scenes, tense confrontations, and ethical dilemmas. While these elements contribute to the film’s compelling narrative, they may be overwhelming or disturbing for younger viewers.
  3. Historical Context: The events depicted in “Scoop” are based on real-life occurrences that garnered widespread media attention and controversy. While the film aims to provide insight into journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth, it also confronts uncomfortable truths about power dynamics and accountability. Older teenagers and adults are better equipped to engage critically with these complex issues.
  4. Language and Content: Although specific details regarding language and explicit content are not yet available, it is reasonable to expect that “Scoop” may contain some adult language and mature content. This further supports the suggested age rating of 16+, as younger viewers may be more susceptible to impressionable or inappropriate content.

Parental Guidance Advised:

Parents or guardians are advised to consider the suggested age rating and the reasons provided before allowing younger viewers to watch “Scoop.” Due to its mature themes and content, parental guidance is strongly recommended for viewers under the age of 17. Parents should also consider whether the film’s subject matter is appropriate for their child’s maturity level and sensitivity to certain topics.

Movie Details:

Release DateApril 5, 2024
DirectorPhilip Martin
WritersGeoff Bussetil, Peter Moffat
GenresBiography, Drama
Distributed byNetflix
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Filming LocationsLondon, England, UK
Production CompaniesThe Lighthouse, Voltage TV
Runtime1 hour 42 minutes

Top Cast:

Gillian AndersonEmily Maitlis
Rufus SewellPrince Andrew
Keeley HawesAmanda Thirsk
Romola GaraiEsme Wren
Billie PiperMcAlister
Aoife HindsRebecca
Richard GouldingStewart Maclean
Raffaello Degruttola
Tim BentinckDavis
Gavin SpokesMark Harrison
Atul SharmaTurkesh Foreign Minister
Dywayne ThomasNew York Resident
Paul Popplewell
Alice Bailey JohnsonOlivia
Nigel FinnissyConference Businessman
Theresa GodlyBBC World News Reporter
Ty HurleyNewsroom Journalist
Daniel Charles DohertyWell Dressed Man


“Scoop” delves into the captivating behind-the-scenes tale of the remarkable women who orchestrated the groundbreaking BBC Newsnight interview that ultimately led to the downfall of Prince Andrew. This Netflix biographical drama portrays the intense negotiations between producer Sam McAlister and Buckingham Palace, culminating in journalist Emily Maitlis’ gripping confrontation with the Prince. The interview, focusing on Andrew’s association with Jeffrey Epstein and allegations of sexual assault, proved to be a pivotal moment, likened to a catastrophic disaster of epic proportions sent shockwaves across the globe, earning it the moniker “the scoop of the decade.”


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