Sathyam Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Sathyam Age Rating and Parents Guide
Sathyam Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Sathyam Age Rating and Parents Guide:

The upcoming film “Sathyam” promises a captivating narrative that delves deep into the intricate dynamics of family relationships, set against the backdrop of traditional values and rituals. Directed by Ashok Kadaba and featuring a talented ensemble cast, this action-packed drama is set to enthrall audiences with its compelling storyline and emotional depth.

As the release of “Sathyam” approaches, eager audiences are anticipating the unveiling of a gripping tale that intertwines family dynamics with the intense elements of action and drama. In the absence of an official age rating, a suggested age rating of 15 emerges, taking into account the potential presence of action sequences and violence within the film.

Suggested Age Rating: 15

Given the film’s genre, which includes action and thriller elements, a suggested age rating of 15 is proposed. This rating advises that the content may contain scenes of violence and intensity that may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 15. The decision to recommend this age rating stems from the anticipation of action sequences that could be more suitable for a mature audience.

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Reasoning for the Suggested Rating:

  1. Action Sequences: The presence of action in the film may involve intense sequences that could be better appreciated and understood by viewers aged 15 and above.
  2. Violent Content: If the storyline includes violence, a suggested 15 rating aligns with the cautionary approach, ensuring that the content is appropriate for a more mature audience.
  3. Thriller Genre: The inclusion of thriller elements often involves suspenseful and potentially intense scenes, warranting consideration for older viewers.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the suggested 15 rating provides a guideline, parental involvement remains crucial. Individual sensitivities and preferences may vary, and parents are encouraged to assess whether the proposed age rating aligns with their family’s values. Conversations about the film’s content can enhance the viewing experience for young adults.

Film Details:

DirectorAshok Kadaba
WritersAshok Kadaba, K.V. Raju
Release DateJanuary 1, 2024 (India)
Country of OriginIndia
LanguagesKannada, Telugu
Production CompanyShree Matha Creations
GenresAction, Drama, Thriller

Top Cast:

Santhosh Balaraj
Ranjani Raghavan
Pavitra Lokesh
Sayaji Shinde
Mukhyamantri Chandru
M.N. Lakshmi Devi
Meenakshi Kalita
Vinaya Prasad
M.S. Umesh
Sringeri Ramanna
Basavaraj Katti


“Sathyam” revolves around the poignant relationship between a grandfather and his grandson within a traditional family framework. The narrative unfolds as the family navigates through various prayer rituals, encountering misconceptions and mishaps along the way. This engaging storyline promises to offer viewers a blend of drama, action, and suspense, as it explores the complexities of familial bonds and the impact of misunderstandings.

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