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Riddle of Fire Parents Guide and Age Rating (2023)

Riddle of Fire Parents Guide and Age Rating
Riddle of Fire Parents Guide and Age Rating (2023) 2

Riddle of Fire Parents Guide and Age Rating:

“Riddle of Fire,” is an American neo-fairytale movie set in the enchanting landscapes of Wyoming, USA. Directed and written by Weston Razooli, this captivating tale follows three spirited children on an extraordinary odyssey filled with danger, friendship, and the power of imagination. With a release date set for March 22, 2024, in the United States, “Riddle of Fire” promises to captivate audiences of all ages with its spellbinding storyline and charming characters.

Riddle of Fire Age Rating: PG-13

“Riddle of Fire” has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). This rating indicates that the film may contain material that is not suitable for children under the age of 13. The MPAA provides the following guidance for films rated PG-13: “Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers.”

Reasons for PG-13 Rating:

  1. Strong Language: “Riddle of Fire” may contain instances of strong language, which could include mild to moderate profanity or expletives. While the language used in the film is not excessive, it may be unsuitable for younger viewers.
  2. Violence: The film may depict scenes of action and adventure, including confrontations with poachers, encounters with a witch, and battles with a huntsman. While the violence portrayed is not graphic or explicit, it may be intense and unsuitable for younger children.
  3. Smoking and Child Alcohol Use: Additionally, “Riddle of Fire” may contain depictions of smoking and child alcohol use. These themes are portrayed in a context relevant to the storyline but may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

Given its PG-13 rating, viewer discretion is advised for audiences considering watching “Riddle of Fire.” Parents and guardians should carefully consider whether the film’s content and themes are suitable for their children, taking into account factors such as maturity level and sensitivity to language, violence, and thematic elements. While “Riddle of Fire” offers a magical and enchanting journey, it also contains elements that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Film Details:

TitleRiddle of Fire
Release DateMarch 22, 2024 (United States)
DirectorWeston Razooli
WriterWeston Razooli
Country of OriginUnited States
GenresAction, Adventure, Comedy
MPAA RatingPG-13
Also known as三寶奇謀闖天關 (Chinese)
Production CompaniesANAXIA, FullDawa Films
Runtime1 hour 53 minutes

Top Cast:

Actor / ActressCharacter Name
Lio TiptonAnna-Freya Hollyhock
Charles HalfordJohn Redrye
Austin ArcherChip
Weston RazooliMarty Hollyhock
Danielle HoetmerJulie A’Dale
Charlie StoverHazel A’Dale
Lorelei Olivia MotePetal Hollyhock
Abigail SakariOtomo Angel
Phoebe FerroAlice
Lonzo LigginsOfficer Neff
Rachel BrowneSuds Hollyhock
Andrea BrowneKels Hollyhock
Skyler PetersJodie A’Dale
Sohrab MirmontDJ März
Chuck MarraOtomo Pete
Kent RichardsOfficer Lucas
Colleen BaumCelia the Baker


In “Riddle of Fire,” three mischievous children set out on a woodland odyssey after their mother sends them on a seemingly ordinary errand. However, their quest to retrieve their mother’s favorite blueberry pie takes a thrilling turn when they are kidnapped by poachers, encounter a witch, outwit a huntsman, befriend a fairy, and ultimately form an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime. As they navigate through a world filled with magic and mystery, the children discover the true meaning of courage, friendship, and the importance of sticking together in the face of adversity.


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