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Pushpa 2-The Rule Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024)

Pushpa 2 - The Rule Age Rating and Parents Guide
Pushpa 2-The Rule Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024) 2

Pushpa 2-The Rule Age Rating & Parents Guide:

As the curtains rise on the Indian cinematic landscape, the spotlight is now fixed on the much-anticipated sequel, “Pushpa 2-The Rule.” Directed by the visionary Sukumar and produced by Mythri Movie Makers in collaboration with Sukumar Writings, this Telugu-language action drama stands poised to take the audience on a thrilling ride, following the success of its predecessor, “Pushpa: The Rise.”

With an ensemble cast led by the charismatic Allu Arjun reprising his role as Pushpa, and an intriguing storyline promising an epic conclusion to the two-parted saga, this film is undeniably a cinematic event that has film enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its release. Mark your calendars for the grand unveiling on August 15, 2024, when “Pushpa 2-The Rule” is set to hit the silver screens with a bang.

Genre and Themes

“Pushpa 2-The Rule” falls under the genres of Action, Crime, Drama, and Thriller. Given the nature of these genres, it is safe to assume that the film might contain intense sequences, violence, and thematic elements that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Suggested Age Rating: 15

Considering the themes and genres involved, a suggested age rating of 15 seems appropriate for “Pushpa 2-The Rule”. This rating typically indicates that the content may contain strong violence, crude language, or intense scenes that may not be suitable for viewers below the age of 15. It aims to ensure that the audience can fully comprehend and handle the mature content presented in the film.


  1. Violence and Action Sequences: Action and crime genres often involve intense and realistic violence. A 15 age rating would allow viewers to engage with the action-packed sequences without exposing younger audiences to potentially disturbing content.
  2. Thematic Elements: The drama and thriller elements in the film may explore complex themes that require a certain level of maturity to be fully understood and appreciated.
  3. Language and Intensity: The inclusion of mature language and intense scenes might make the viewing experience more suitable for a mature audience.

Parental Guidance Advised:

While the suggested age rating is 15, it is important to note that individual sensitivities may vary. Parents and guardians are encouraged to use their discretion and consider the maturity level of their children before allowing them to watch the film. Additionally, filmmakers often aim to provide an exhilarating cinematic experience while adhering to age-appropriate content guidelines.

Film Details

TitlePushpa 2-The Rule
WritersA.R. Prabhav, Sukumar, Srikanth Vissa
Production CompaniesAR Film Studio, Muttamsetty Media, Mythri Movie Makers
Country of OriginIndia
GenresAction, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Official SiteJatland Wiki
Budget₹350 crore (One of the most expensive Indian films)
Release DateAugust 15, 2024

Top Cast:

Allu Arjun
Fahadh Faasil
Rashmika Mandanna
Jagapathi Babu
Dayanand Reddy
Ajay Ghosh
Prakash Raj
Anasuya Bharadwaj
Rao Ramesh
Koushik Mahata
Al Yasaha Naim
Kamal Teja Narla
Alam Saha


The narrative revolves around the fierce clash between Pushpa Raj and Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat IPS, further intensifying their deep-rooted rivalry. Fans can expect a gripping tale of action, drama, and suspense as the sequel promises to elevate the stakes and bring a fitting conclusion to the two-parted saga.


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