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Pichaikkaran 2 Box Office Collection – Worldwide

Pichaikkaran 2 Box Office Collection

The highly anticipated release of “Pichaikkaran 2,” starring the dynamic duo Vijay Antony and Kavya Thapar, has sent shockwaves through both domestic and international markets. Its worldwide collection stands at INR 31.93 Crore.

Pichaikkaran 2 Box Office Collection (Domestic)

Hitting over 350 screens across the country, Pichaikkaran 2 movie has made an impressive impact at the box office. The film amassed a staggering collection of INR 29.56 Crore domestically, showcasing its immense popularity among Indian audiences.

DayDomestic GrossChange (+/-)
Day 1INR 6.2 CroreN/A
Day 2INR 5.66 Crore-8.71%
Day 3INR 6.34 Crore+11.99%
Day 4INR 2.60 Crore-58.98%
Day 5INR 2.10 Crore-19.23%
Day 6INR 1.95 Crore-7.14%
Day 7INR 1.67 Crore-14.36%
Day 8INR 1.34 Crore-19.76%
Day 9INR 1.70 Crore+26.87%
Day 10INR 2.12 Crore+34.80%
Total Domestic GrossINR 31.68 CroreN/A

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Pichaikkaran 2 Box Office Collection Worldwide

Not confining its success within national boundaries, Pichaikkaran 2 film also made its mark on the international stage. Despite facing average performance in overseas regions, the film managed to accumulate $24,024 (INR 25.6 Lakh) exclusively from its international screenings. When combined with its domestic earnings, the movie’s total worldwide collection now stands at a remarkable INR 31.93 Crore.

Market/RegionOverseas Gross
Srilanka$6,400 (*Esti.)
Malaysia(No Update)
Total Overseas Gross$24,024 (INR 25.6 Lakh)

As the film continues to make waves, fans eagerly await what lies ahead for the entire team behind the film.

About The Movie

The Pichaikkaran 2 movie is a comedy-drama film starring Vijay Antony, Kavya Thapar, Mansoor Ali Khan, Radha Ravi, Y. G. Mahendran, John Vijay, Hareesh Peradi, and others. The movie was released on 19 May 2023, under the banner of Vijay Antony Film Corporation.

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