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One Day Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

One Day Age Rating and Parents Guide
One Day Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

One Day Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“One Day,” a forthcoming British television series set to debut on Netflix on February 8, 2024, promises to captivate audiences with its poignant tale of love, friendship, and the passage of time. Based on David Nicholls’ acclaimed 2009 novel and subsequent film adaptation, the series follows the lives of Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, who meet on the night of their college graduation.

Age Rating: TV-MA or 18+

“One Day” has been assigned a TV-MA rating and with Netflix categorizing the series as suitable for viewers aged 18 and above, it’s evident that indicating that the content may be unsuitable for children under 17. This rating suggests that the series may contain intense and potentially explicit content, making it more suitable for adult viewers.

Reasons for the TV-MA Rating:

  1. Complex Relationships: “One Day” promises to delve into the intricate dynamics of the relationship between Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley. The series may explore adult themes, emotions, and situations, necessitating a mature audience for a nuanced understanding.
  2. Realistic Depictions: With a focus on portraying the authentic ups and downs of life over two decades, the series might present situations and conversations that reflect the reality of adult experiences.
  3. Emotional Depth: The storyline, spanning 20 years, is likely to touch upon profound emotional moments, challenging life decisions, and the complexities of human connections. Such depth may require a mature audience to fully appreciate and empathize with the characters.

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Viewer Discretion Advised:

While the TV-MA or 18+ rating invites adult audiences to engage with the series, it also serves as a reminder for viewer discretion. Potential viewers should consider their comfort level with mature content and whether it aligns with their preferences. It is advisable for parents to be aware of the rating and exercise discretion when deciding whether the series is suitable for younger viewers.

Series Details:

TitleOne Day
CreatorNicole Taylor
Based on“One Day” by David Nicholls
Directed byMolly Manners
Release dateFebruary 8, 2024 (United Kingdom)
TaglineTwenty Years. Two People.
GenresComedy, Drama, Romance
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Also known asОдин день
Filming locationsGreece
Production companiesDrama Republic, Focus Features, Netflix

Top Cast:

Leo WoodallDexter
Ambika ModEmma
Amber GrappyTilly
Brendan QuinnCallum
Jonny WeldonIan
Tim McInnernyStephen
Eleanor TomlinsonSylvie
Essie DavisAlison
Adam LoxleyGraham
John MacmillanAaron
Anne BirdMary
Mark RowleyMr. Godalming
Jodie PriceSonya
Rebekah MurrellSuki
Will HislopToby Moray
Jake SiameAdditional Voice Recording
Tim PrestonGary
Joe BarnesNigel


“One Day,” based on the beloved novel by David Nicholls, brings to life the poignant tale of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. Set in 1988, the story unfolds as Emma and Dexter cross paths on the night of their graduation. Knowing they must part ways the next day, they find themselves unable to shake the profound connection forged in just one day. Over the span of 20 years, viewers witness the evolution of their relationship through snapshots on July 15th each year, navigating the complexities of love, dreams, and the passage of time.

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