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Ninjago-Dragons Rising Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024)

Ninjago-Dragons Rising Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating
Ninjago-Dragons Rising Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024) 2

Ninjago-Dragons Rising Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating:

“Ninjago: Dragons Rising” returns with its highly anticipated second season, packed with action, mystery, and martial arts mastery. Produced by WildBrain Studios and The Lego Group, this animated television series is based on the beloved Lego Ninjago brand of construction toys, serving as a sequel to the original “Ninjago” series that captured the hearts of audiences from 2011 to 2022. “Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2” premieres exclusively on Netflix on April 4, 2024.

Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2 Age Rating: TV-Y7

“Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2” has been rated TV-Y7. This rating indicates that the content of the series is suitable for children ages 7 and older. The TV-Y7 rating provides parents and guardians with guidance about the appropriateness of the content for young viewers, taking into account factors such as language, violence, and thematic elements.

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Reasons for TV-Y7 Rating:

  1. Action and Adventure: “Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2” features elements of action, adventure, and martial arts, as the ninja team embarks on daring missions and battles formidable foes. While the action sequences are exciting and dynamic, they are presented in a manner that is appropriate for children ages 7 and older.
  2. Fantasy Themes: The series explores fantasy themes such as supernatural powers, mythical creatures, and ancient mysteries. These elements contribute to the imaginative world of Ninjago but are portrayed in a way that is suitable for young audiences.
  3. Moral Lessons: Throughout the series, viewers can expect to encounter positive messages about teamwork, friendship, and perseverance. “Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2” aims to impart valuable life lessons in an entertaining and accessible format for children.

Parental Guidance Advised:

While “Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2” is rated TV-Y7 and deemed suitable for children ages 7 and older, parental guidance is still recommended. Parents and guardians are encouraged to preview the series and consider factors such as individual maturity levels and sensitivity to certain themes. Additionally, engaging in discussions with children about the content of the show can enhance their viewing experience and promote media literacy.

Series Details:

TitleNinjago: Dragons Rising Season 2
Release DateApril 4, 2024
Run Time22 minutes per episode
Episode Count20
GenreKids’ Animation, Action, Adventure,
Science Fantasy, Martial Arts, Superhero
TV RatingTV-Y7
WritersKevin Burke, Chris “Doc” Wyatt
DirectorsRich Johnson, Daniel Ife, Shane Poettcker

Top Cast:

Alfonzo FrohickyAndrew McNee
AllenMichael Adamthwaite
ArinDeven Mack
BonzleMichelle Creber
ColeAndrew Francis
DoramaMackenzie Gray
EgaltAndrew Francis
EuphrasiaBethany Brown
FritzVincent Tong
GeoPeter Kelamis
JayMichael Adamthwaite
JordanaDiana Kaarina
KaiVincent Tong
LloydSam Vincent
MarcusAidan Drummond
NyaKelly Metzger
RiyuBrian Drummond
RasBrian Drummond
RontuKazumi Evans
SuetoniusIan Hanlin
SoraSabrina Pitre
SpitzSabrina Pitre
WyldfyreKazumi Evans
ZaneBrent Miller


In “Ninjago: Dragons Rising Season 2”, Master Lloyd and his team of ninjas find themselves facing a whirlwind of mystery and danger. As Master Lloyd’s visions reveal forbidden secrets and dark powers from a lost age, the ninja must race against time to piece together the puzzle before it’s too late. While the threat of the Blood Moon may have subsided, the evil Lord Ras continues to plot his nefarious schemes, posing a grave threat to the land of Ninjago.


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