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Nicolas Cage’s Superman Cameo in The Flash: Cage Expresses Concerns About AI

Nicolas Cage's Superman Cameo in The Flash
Nicolas Cage's Superman Cameo in The Flash: Cage Expresses Concerns About AI 2

Nicolas Cage’s Superman Cameo

The iconic director, Tim Burton, has voiced his criticism over the inclusion of a sequence in the recent release of “The Flash,” which features Nicolas Cage suited up as Superman. This sequence pays homage to Burton’s ill-fated 1990s reboot of Superman, titled “Superman Lives,” which was never realized.

In an interview with the British Film Institute, Burton expressed his disapproval and referred to it as a “misappropriation” of Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, who had a significant role in “The Flash” alongside Ezra Miller’s character. Nicolas Cage, known for his role as Superman in the unreleased “Superman Lives,” also shared his thoughts on the matter, although he was more perplexed than angry.

Cage’s Perspective and Artistic Integrity

Cage explained that he was on set for his appearance in “The Flash” and emphasized that the suit was built specifically for the scene, dispelling rumors that it was recreated from costume test footage. His role in “The Flash” involved standing in an alternate dimension, witnessing the destruction of the universe, and conveying emotions solely through his eyes since he had no dialogue.

However, when Cage saw the final release of “The Flash,” he noticed that the sequence had been expanded to include an in-joke for fans, incorporating ideas from “Superman Lives.” In the released sequence, Cage’s Superman battles a giant spider, which was not what he had filmed.

Cage dismissed the notion that artificial intelligence (AI) was involved in altering the sequence but acknowledged Tim Burton’s concerns regarding AI and the appropriation of artistic work. Cage explained that he stood in the suit for about an hour, conveying emotions with his eyes to depict the end of the universe.

While the altered sequence in “The Flash” surprised Cage, he was pleased that it provided a chance for Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood’s Superman suit, designed for Burton’s “Superman Lives,” to be seen.

Despite the changes made to his appearance in “The Flash,” Cage remains supportive of director Andy Muschietti and the opportunity to showcase Atwood’s suit design.

In a separate interview, Atwood recalled the cancellation of “Superman Lives” during a costume test and the challenges of differentiating Cage’s Superman suits from those of Christopher Reeve.

Tim Burton, known for his unique visual style and dark themes, directed “The Batman” in 1989 and expressed his concerns about the direction of “The Flash” in the interview.

Both Cage and Burton’s remarks reflect their thoughts on artistic integrity and the use of AI in filmmaking.

Nicolas Cage can be seen in the upcoming film “Dream Scenario,” which is set to be released in select theaters on November 10 and widely on November 22. “The Flash” is available for streaming on Max and can be rented or downloaded from major digital platforms.


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