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Nayab Box Office Collection Worldwide (2024)

Nayab Box Office Collection Worldwide
Nayab Box Office Collection Worldwide (2024) 2

Nayab Box Office Collection Worldwide:

Pakistani cinema has been witnessing a mixed bag of fortunes, and the recent release of “Nayab” has stirred discussions about the state of the industry. “Nayab” entered the scene with an impressive promotional campaign, touted as one of the most extensive in recent memory within the Pakistani film landscape.

Yumna Zaidi’s first movie, ‘Nayab’, made about 70 million Pakistani Rupees now. Even though it did better than some other recent movies, it didn’t meet expectations.

In the first three days (Friday to Sunday), ‘Nayab’ earned about 4.6 million Rupees. But in the next four days (Monday to Thursday), it only made about 2.1 million more.

While local movies have been struggling at the box office, an Indonesian horror film called ‘Sijjin’, about black magic is doing really well in Pakistan. It has made over 20 million Rupees in ticket sales and is still going strong. This success might mean we’ll see more movies from Indonesia in Pakistani theaters in the future.

‘Nayab’ and ‘Sijjin’ are both currently showing in theaters.

Why Not During Eid?

Now, you might wonder if the movie would have done even better if it had been released during Eid. Well, Eid is a big celebration time in Pakistan, and people love going to the movies during this festive period. “Nayab” wasn’t released during Eid, and that might be one reason why the box office numbers are not as high as expected.

Good Reviews and Social Media Buzz:

Surprisingly, people are saying good things about “Nayab.” Critics liked it, and there was a lot of talk about the movie on social media. Even though the box office numbers didn’t match the hype, it seems the movie has some positive aspects.

International Box Office Potential:

The question of whether the international box office can compensate for any domestic shortfall arises, particularly considering Yumna Zaidi’s substantial international fan base. Yumna’s popularity might indeed draw viewers from international markets, contributing to a more favorable overall box office performance for “Nayab.”

Film Details:

Title Nayab
DirectorUmair Nasir Ali
WriterAli Abbas Naqvi
Basit Naqvi
Release dateJanuary 26, 2024 (Pakistan)
Country of originPakistan
Official siteOfficial Instagram Account
Production companiesKenneyz Films, Num Films

Top Cast:

Yumna ZaidiNayab
Jawed SheikhShahid Sahab
Fawad KhanAkber
Usama KhanZain
Adnan SiddiquiSikander Malik
EhteshamuddinYawar Kazmi
Huma NawabPiyari Baji
Noreen GulwaniSadia
Faryal MehmoodGuest Appearance
Mahdi QasmiBazil


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