Mr. & Mrs. Smith Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Age Rating and Parents Guide
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” the highly anticipated American spy comedy television series, is set to premiere on February 2, 2024. Created by Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, the series is based on the 2005 film of the same name and promises an intriguing blend of action, comedy, crime, and thriller genres.

Age Rating: 15

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” has been assigned a 15 age rating. This implies that the content may contain material unsuitable for viewers under the age of 15. While the show may not be suitable for younger audiences, it is tailored for a more mature viewership. The age rating serves as a guidance tool for parents and guardians, assisting them in making informed decisions about what is suitable for their children.

Reasons for the ’15’ Certificate:

  1. Violence and Action: Given the spy thriller genre, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” is expected to feature action sequences and potentially intense scenes. The age rating reflects the level of violence depicted in the series.
  2. Language: The choice and frequency of strong language can influence the age rating. A 15 rating may indicate the presence of mature language in the show.
  3. Themes and Content: The series, being a spy comedy, might explore themes such as espionage, crime, and thriller elements. These themes, when handled more maturely, contribute to the age rating.
  4. Sexual Content: The presence of intimate or explicit scenes can impact the age rating. A 15 rating suggests that the series may contain content of a sexual nature.

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Suggestions for Viewers:

For viewers aged 15 and above, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” promises an engaging and thrilling experience. The age rating provides a heads-up about the potential intensity of the content, allowing viewers to make an informed decision based on their preferences and comfort levels. Parents and guardians are encouraged to consider the age rating when deciding whether the series is suitable for their children. It’s an opportunity for open conversations about media consumption and age-appropriate content.

Series Details:

TitleMr. & Mrs. Smith
CreatorsFrancesca Sloane and Donald Glover
Based on“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” by Simon Kinberg
Release DateFebruary 2, 2024 (United Kingdom)
Countries of OriginUnited States, United Kingdom
GenreAction, Comedy Drama, Spy Thriller
Also Known AsМістер і місіс Сміт (in Ukrainian)
Filming LocationsVenice, Veneto, Italy
Production CompaniesAmazon Studios, New Regency Productions, Wells Street Films
NetworkAmazon Prime Video

Top Cast:

Donald GloverJohn Smith
Maya ErskineJane Smith
Paul DanoHot Neighbor
Parker Posey
Beverly GloverJohn’s Mom
Wagner Moura
Alexander Skarsgård
Ron PerlmanToby Hellinger
Sharon Horgan
Dave AttellKosher Food Mart Clerk
Moise Morancy
Billy Campbell
John TurturroEric Shane
Tamara TorresMarla
Dontae HawkinsTerrence
Martinus TocchiFisherman
Úrsula CorberóRooney
Michaela CoelBev


The narrative revolves around two strangers who find themselves employed by a spy agency. The twist? They are thrust into a world of espionage, wealth, and travel, adopting new identities within an arranged marriage. As John and Jane Smith, navigate the challenges of maintaining a cover while dealing with the complexities of their unusual partnership.

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