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Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Age Rating and Parents Guide
Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Mr. & Mrs. Mahi” is a highly anticipated biographical drama film set to hit the screens on April 19, 2024, in India. Directed by Sharan Sharma and produced by industry giants Karan Johar, Hiroo Johar, and Apoorva Mehta, the film promises to offer an intimate portrayal of the legendary cricketer and former Team India captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Suggested Age Rating:

Considering the genre and storyline of “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi,” a suggested age rating of PG (Parental Guidance) seems appropriate.

Reasons Behind Suggested Age Rating:

  1. Family-Friendly Themes: The film’s emphasis on Dhoni’s journey, both on and off the field, is likely to contain themes of perseverance, dedication, and familial bonds. These are themes that resonate with audiences of all ages, making it suitable for families to watch together.
  2. Inspirational Content: As a biographical drama, “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi” aims to inspire and uplift viewers with its portrayal of Dhoni’s achievements and the challenges he overcame. Such positive messaging can be beneficial for young audiences, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles.
  3. Limited Mature Content: While the film may touch upon certain challenges or conflicts faced by Dhoni, such as the pressures of professional sports or personal struggles, it is unlikely to contain excessive or gratuitous mature content. Any such content is expected to be handled sensitively and within the context of the storyline, making it suitable for a PG rating with parental guidance.
  4. Appeal to Wide Audience: Given Dhoni’s widespread popularity and the universal themes explored in the film, “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi” is poised to attract viewers of all ages. A PG rating ensures that both children and adults can enjoy the film while providing parents with the opportunity to guide their children’s viewing experience as needed.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

Although “Mr. & Mrs. Mahi” is expected to be a family-friendly portrayal of Dhoni’s life, parental guidance is advised for younger audiences. Some scenes or themes within the film may require parental explanation or context, especially for children who may not fully grasp the complexities of Dhoni’s journey or the historical context of certain events.

Series Details:

TitleMr. & Mrs. Mahi
Release DateApril 19, 2024 (India)
DirectorSharan Sharma
ProducersKaran Johar, Hiroo Johar, Apoorva Mehta
Country of OriginIndia
GenresBiography, Drama, Sport
Filming LocationsJharkhand, India
Production CompaniesDharma Productions, Zee Studios
DistributorZEE Studios International

Top Cast:

Rajkummar Rao
Janhvi Kapoor
Kumud Mishra
Rajesh Sharma
Abhishek Banerjee
Zarina Wahab
Yamini Das
Purnendu Bhattacharya
Kundan Kumar
Himanshu Jaykar
Neeraj Saidawat
Abhilash Chaudhary
Hitesh Bhojraj
Shashie Vermaa
Jitendra Kumar Sharma
Nirmal Chiraniyan
Rahul Sahu
Krishan Bhargav


“Mr. & Mrs. Mahi” is a captivating portrayal of the life of renowned cricketer and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The film delves into the inspiring journey of Dhoni, exploring his rise to fame, his contributions to Indian cricket, and his personal life, including his relationship with his wife Sakshi.


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