Mob Humor Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023)

Mob Humor Age Rating and Parents Guide
Mob Humor Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023) 2

Mob Humor Age Rating and Parents Guide

“Mob Humor” invites audiences on a heartwarming escapade as two brothers embark on a journey, leaving the bustling metropolis behind. Scheduled for release on December 22, 2023, in the United States and produced by Hawk Studios, this film promises to deliver a tale of family, adventure, and discovery. Let’s delve into the age rating, cast, characters, and other details that make “Mob Humor” a must-watch.

Suggested Age Rating: PG

As the official rating of the film is pending yet, considering the family-friendly nature of “Mob Humor,” a suggested age rating of PG (Parental Guidance) is proposed. This rating implies that some material may not be suitable for children, and parental guidance is advised. The film’s themes and content are likely to be accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience, including families.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the suggested age rating offers a guideline, individual sensitivities and preferences may vary. Parents are encouraged to watch the film first and assess its suitability for their children. The film’s heartwarming essence and the themes of family and adventure make it likely to be an enjoyable experience for families.

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Other Details:

Movie TitleMob Humor
Release DateDecember 22, 2023 (United States)
DirectorDennyann Giambrone, Devin ‘Don Cito’ Meadows
WriterLilah Behling, Dennyann Giambrone
Production CompanyHawk Studios


Andrew S CortezJoe Giambrone
Bella LevyNatasha
Leslie GunterDonna
Eddie SicoliUncle Al Giambrone
Tommy AndersonTodd Westwood
Paul GunnVixen, the Christmas Elf
Jean HeathenElf Dancer
Yeena FisherOfficer Jennifer Lane
Monique MarshallRoxy Slugger
Penny RichardsonMrs. Claus
Karen EdwardsBetsy Matie
Dennyann GiambroneAlyssa Giambrone
Jeff MayTroy Smith
Clinton D. WalkerHoward Youngblood
Vigiel BoseFBI Chief Michael Davidson
Lisa CampbellBrandon Wagner
Angelo OtchySonny Giambrone

Plot Overview:

“Mob Humor” unfolds as two brothers decide to leave behind the chaos of the metropolis, setting the stage for a hilarious adventure. The film promises a blend of wit, humor, and unexpected twists, making it a perfect comedy for audiences seeking a good laugh.

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