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Maamla Legal Hai Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Maamla Legal Hai Age Rating and Parents Guide
Maamla Legal Hai Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Maamla Legal Hai Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Maamla Legal Hai” is an upcoming Hindi comedy-drama series slated to release on March 1, 2024, exclusively on Netflix. Directed by Rahul Pandey and written by Saurabh Khanna and Kunal Aneja, the movie promises to deliver a blend of chaos, humor, and the pursuit of justice within the confines of District Court Patparganj.

Age Rating: U/A 13+

“Maamla Legal Hai” has been assigned a U/A 13+ rating. In the Indian film classification system, U/A stands for “Unrestricted Public Exhibition – Parental Guidance Advised.” This means that while the content of the series is not unsuitable for children below the age of 13, parental guidance is recommended for viewers in this age group.

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Reasons for the Age Rating:

  1. Mild Language: The series contains instances of mild language or dialogue that may not be suitable for younger audiences. While not explicit or frequent, such language may require parental guidance for viewers under the age of 13.
  2. Situational Comedy: “Maamla Legal Hai” is categorized as a comedy-drama, suggesting that it will feature humorous situations and comedic elements. While the humor may be suitable for a broad audience, parental guidance is advised due to the complexity of certain jokes or themes.
  3. Mature Themes: As the series revolves around the workings of a district court, it may touch upon mature themes related to the legal system, ethics, and interpersonal relationships. While presented in a lighthearted manner, these themes may require parental explanation or guidance for younger viewers to fully comprehend.
  4. Subtle Adult References: Like many comedies, “Maamla Legal Hai” may include subtle references or innuendos that are more suitable for older viewers. While not explicit, these references may be better understood and appreciated by teenagers and adults.

Parental Guidance Advised:

For parents and guardians, the U/A 13+ rating serves as a helpful guide in determining whether “Maamla Legal Hai” is appropriate for their children. While teenagers aged 13 and above may find the series enjoyable and entertaining, parents should consider previewing the content or watching it together with their children to ensure it aligns with their family values and preferences.

Series Details:

TitleMaamla Legal Hai
Release DateMarch 1, 2024 (India)
DirectorRahul Pandey
ScreenwritersSaurabh Khanna, Kunal Aneja
GenresComedy, Drama
Age RatingU/A 13+
Country of OriginIndia
Production CompanyPosham Pa Pictures

Top Cast:

Rrama SharmaGuddo
Ravi KishanVD Tyagi
Naila GrewalAnanya Shroff
Nidhi BishtSujata Negi
Yashpal Sharma
Anjum Batra
Ajay RajuWorker
Vijay Rajoria
Anant JoshiVishwas Pandey


Set in District Court Patparganj, “Maamla Legal Hai” portrays the antics and challenges faced by its quirky employees as they navigate through their daily tasks of upholding justice. Despite their best efforts, chaos ensues, leading to a series of humorous encounters and objections.


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