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Loot Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024)

Loot Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating
Loot Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024) 2

Loot Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating:

Apple TV+ is gearing up for the highly anticipated return of the comedy series “Loot” with its second season set to premiere on April 3, 2024. Created by Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang, the show first debuted on June 24, 2022, to critical acclaim and fan praise. Now, fans can look forward to diving back into the hilarious and captivating world of “Loot” with new episodes releasing every Wednesday until May 29.

Loot Season 2 Age Rating: TV-MA

“Loot Season 2” carries a TV-MA or equivalent rating. This rating indicates that the content of the series is intended for mature audiences only and may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 17. The TV-MA rating is the highest age rating given by the TV Parental Guidelines and is typically reserved for shows that contain strong language, explicit sexual content, intense violence, or other mature themes.

Reasons for TV-MA Rating:

  1. Adult Themes: “Loot Season 2” explores themes and topics that may be more appropriate for adult audiences, such as relationships, divorce, and philanthropy. While these themes are handled in a comedic manner, they may still be too complex or mature for younger viewers to fully understand or appreciate.
  2. Strong Language: The series may contain instances of strong language, including profanity and vulgar dialogue, which may not be suitable for children or sensitive viewers.
  3. Sexual Content: “Loot Season 2” may feature scenes or discussions of a sexual nature, including innuendo, suggestive dialogue, or depictions of intimacy, which may not be appropriate for younger audiences.
  4. Violence: While “Loot Season 2” is primarily a comedy series, it may still contain scenes of comedic violence or slapstick humor that may not be suitable for all viewers, especially young children.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

Due to its TV-MA rating, parental guidance is strongly advised for viewers under the age of 17. Parents should consider the content of “Loot Season 2” and determine whether it is appropriate for their children based on their individual maturity level and sensibilities. Additionally, parents may want to watch the series themselves first to assess its content and suitability for their family.

Series Details:

TitleLoot Season 2
Release DateApril 3, 2024
Created byAlan Yang & Matt Hubbard
Executive ProducersMatt Hubbard, Alan Yang, Maya Rudolph, Natasha Lyonne,
Danielle Renfrew Behrens, Dave Becky
NetworkApple TV+
Original LanguageEnglish

Top Cast:

Maya RudolphMolly
Michaela Jaé RodriguezSofia Salinas
Nat FaxonArthur
Ron FunchesHoward
Joel Kim BoosterNicholas
Meagen FayRhonda
Adam ScottJohn Novak
Stephanie StylesAinsley
O-T FagbenleIsaac


“Loot Season 2” picks up a year after Molly finalizes her divorce from billionaire John Novak. As the head of the Wells Foundation, Molly is thriving in her philanthropic work and has sworn off men completely. However, her resolve is put to the test when her charismatic architect friend, Isaac, enters the picture. Meanwhile, Arthur is attempting to adopt a laid-back lifestyle, and the Wells Foundation team works together to fulfill Molly’s mission of giving away her entire fortune.


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