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Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Age Rating and Parents Guide
Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent,” a thrilling Canadian police procedural drama, is gearing up to captivate audiences with its intense storyline and dynamic characters. Created by René Balcer and Dick Wolf, this series promises to deliver gripping crime narratives inspired by real-life events, set against the backdrop of Toronto, Ontario. Scheduled to premiere on February 22, 2024, on Citytv, the series promises to captivate viewers with its gripping storyline and stellar cast.

Age Rating: TV-Y

“Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent” has been given a TV-Y rating. TV-Y indicates that the program is suitable for all children, regardless of age. It signifies content that is specifically designed for a very young audience, typically preschool-aged children. Programs with this rating are characterized by their educational content, non-threatening themes, and absence of any material that parents might find inappropriate for young viewers.

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Reasons for the TV-Y Rating:

  1. Tonal Balance: While “Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent” may explore complex crime stories and psychological themes, it’s possible that the series maintains a balanced tone that avoids excessive violence or graphic content. By focusing more on investigative procedures and character dynamics, the show may present its narrative in a way that is palatable for all ages.
  2. Educational Elements: Similar to other iterations of the “Law & Order” franchise, this series might emphasize the procedural aspects of law enforcement and the justice system. By highlighting the importance of teamwork, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making, the show could offer valuable lessons for young viewers while maintaining a level of engagement for older audiences.
  3. Creative Adaptations: The creators and producers of “Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent” may have made deliberate creative choices to ensure the series remains accessible to a broad audience. This could involve toning down certain elements commonly associated with crime dramas or finding innovative ways to convey complex themes without resorting to graphic content.

Implications for Viewers:

For families and viewers accustomed to traditional crime dramas, the TV-Y rating of “Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent” may come as a surprise. However, it presents an opportunity for parents to enjoy a compelling series with their children, fostering discussions about law, justice, and morality in a safe and age-appropriate context.

Series Details:

TitleLaw & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent
Release DateFebruary 22, 2024 (Canada)
CreatorsRené Balcer, Dick Wolf
GenresCrime, Drama
Country of OriginCanada
Also Known AsLaw & Order Canada
Age RatingTV-Y
Filming LocationsToronto, Ontario, Canada
Production CompaniesCameron Pictures, Citytv, Lark Productions

Top Cast:

Aden YoungDetective Sergeant Henry Graff
Kathleen MunroeDetective Sergeant Frankie Bateman
Karen RobinsonInspector Vivienne Holness
K.C. CollinsDeputy Crown Attorney Theo Forrester
Araya MengeshaMark Yohannes
Tammy IsbellDetective Alice Riley
Nicola Correia-DamudeDr. Lucy Da Silva
Sharon TaylorArlene Cox
Daniel KashDetective Andy Manek
Megha SandhuBrianna
Karn KalraRavi Singh
Madi LangdonOfficer Taylor
Ali KazmiDaniel Siddiqui
Yusuf ZineHassan Khan
Sandra FloresWaitress
Beatrice TrangAA Attendee
Margarita BrightonMayoral Aide
Ucal ShillingfordJohnny James


A psychological thriller interwoven with criminal investigations, “Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent” follows an elite squad of detectives as they navigate the complexities of crime and corruption in the Greater Toronto Area. Led by Detective Sergeant Henry Graff (played by Aden Young) and Detective Sergeant Frankie Bateman (portrayed by Kathleen Munroe), this team of investigators, alongside Inspector Vivienne Holness (Karen Robinson) and Deputy Crown Attorney Theo Forrester (K.C. Collins), tackles cases that challenge their intellect and moral compass.


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