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Kukri Movie Set for Release on 2nd June 2023 Following Ban

Kukri Movie Set for Release on 2nd June 2023 Following Ban

Kukri Movie Set for Release on 2nd June 2023 Following Ban

After a prolonged battle with censorship, the anticipated Pakistani film “Kukri” (previously known as “Javed Iqbal movie”) is finally gearing up for its release on 2nd June 2023. The movie, initially slated to hit the screens on 28th January 2022, faced an unexpected ban by the Punjab government and the Central Board of Film Censors. The authorities had concerns over some scenes. However, amidst the controversy, a wave of support surged from renowned Pakistani celebrities who protested against the ban.

In the aftermath of a ban imposed on the Javed Iqbal movie, the filmmakers made a significant decision to rename the movie “Kukri.”

The movie is directed and written by Abu Aleeha, whose Super Punjabi is doing well at the box office. Kukri is produced by Javed Ahmed. The star-studded cast includes Yasir Hussain, Ayesha Omer, Paras Masroor, Rabiya Kalsoom, Javed Ahmed Kakepoto, Amir Yameen, Imran Sonu, Khalid Bin Shaheen, and Fazal.

Adding to its accolades, the film has also secured a spot in the esteemed Berlin Film Festival, further cementing its significance on the global cinematic stage.

The Kukri movie delves into the chilling narrative inspired by the life of Javed Iqbal, a notorious serial killer who sent shockwaves through Lahore between 1998 and 1999. Iqbal’s heinous acts involved the se*ual abuse and murder of over 100 innocent children.

Movie enthusiasts and fans of Pakistani cinema can now look forward to experiencing the riveting tale of “Kukri” when it finally graces the silver screen on 2nd June 2023.


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