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Katha Venuka Katha Box Office Collection – Worldwide

Katha Venuka Katha Box Office Collection

In a much-anticipated arrival, the highly awaited Katha Venuka Katha movie has finally hit the silver screen, commencing its cinematic journey with a modest start at the box office. Its worldwide box office collection stands at INR 9.19 Crores.

Katha Venuka Katha Box Office Collection (Domestic)

The Katha Venuka Katha movie was released across 350+ screens nationwide, this film faced stiff competition from other recent releases. Nonetheless, it managed to overcome these challenges and has amassed an impressive collection of INR 8.59 Crore at the domestic box office.

DayDomestic GrossChange (+/-)
Day 1INR 0.78 Crore
Day 2INR 1.00 Crore+28.21%
Day 3INR 1.20 Crore+20.00%
Day 4INR 0.77 Crore-35.83%
Day 5INR 0.78 Crore+1.30%
Day 6INR 0.62 Crore-20.51%
Day 7INR 0.55 Crore-11.29%
Day 8INR 0.60 Crore+9.09%
Day 9INR 0.71 Crore+18.33%
Day 10INR 0.52 Crore-26.76%
Day 11INR 0.52 Crore0.00%
Day 12INR 0.54 Crore+3.85%
TotalINR 8.59 Crore

Katha Venuka Katha Box Office Collection Worldwide

Although there were great expectations for its international performance, Katha Venuka Katha garnered a comparatively modest sum from its overseas screenings. The movie managed to collect $72,816 (equivalent to INR 60.2 Lakhs) exclusively from its international showings. Combining this figure with its domestic earnings, the total worldwide collection for “Katha Venuka Katha” has now reached INR 9.19 Crore.

Region/MarketOverseas Gross
New Zealand$2,826 (*Rough Data)
Australia$12,790 (*Rough Data)
UK$10,830 (*Rough Data)
UAE$17,600 (*Rough Data)
North America$28,770 (*Rough Data)
Total$72,816 (INR 60.2 Lakhs)

About The Movie

The Katha Venuka Katha movie is an action-thriller film starring popular actors Viswant Duddumpudi & Srijita Ghosh in the lead roles. It also stars Satyam Rajesh, Raghu Babu, Keshavdeepak Ballari, Khayyum, Bhupal, Viswant Duddumpudi, Jaya Prakash and others in supporting roles. The movie was released on 12 May 2023, under the banner of Dandamudi Box Office.

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