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Kaagaz 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024)

Kaagaz 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating
Kaagaz 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024) 2

Kaagaz 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating:

“Kaagaz 2” is an Indian film directed by V.K. Prakash that delves into the life of Uday (Darshan Kumaar), a young man torn between his aspirations and familial responsibilities. Set against the backdrop of political upheaval, the film explores the challenges faced by ordinary individuals amidst protests and rallies.

Kaagaz 2 Age Rating: 12A

Considering the film’s genre, tone, and narrative content, a suggested age rating of 12A is deemed appropriate. This rating allows for parental guidance, acknowledging that some scenes or themes may require explanation or discussion for younger viewers.

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Reasoning for the Age Rating:

  1. Complex Themes: Kaagaz 2 addresses complex themes such as justice, morality, and personal redemption. While these themes are presented in a manner accessible to a wide audience, they may require mature comprehension and reflection, making the film suitable for viewers aged 12 and above.
  2. Emotional Depth: The film’s exploration of familial relationships and personal struggles resonates on an emotional level, offering viewers a nuanced portrayal of human experiences. While these emotional elements enhance the storytelling, they may also benefit from parental guidance for younger viewers to navigate effectively.
  3. Mild Content: Kaagaz 2 is expected to contain mild language, thematic elements, and scenes depicting emotional intensity. While these elements contribute to the authenticity and depth of the narrative, they are unlikely to be inappropriate for viewers aged 12 and above, particularly when accompanied by parental guidance.
  4. Educational Value: The film’s examination of societal issues and moral dilemmas presents an opportunity for viewers to engage in meaningful discussions and reflection. By suggesting a 12A rating, Kaagaz 2 encourages families to explore these themes together, fostering learning and empathy in a supportive environment.

Parental Guidance Advised:

Regardless of the 12A certificate parental guidance is always advised when determining whether a film is suitable for children and teenagers. Parents are encouraged to consider their child’s individual maturity level, sensitivity to certain themes, and comfort with moderate-intensity content. Additionally, discussing the film’s themes and content with children can enhance their understanding and enjoyment while also fostering open communication within the family.

Movie Details:

TitleKaagaz 2
Release DateMarch 1, 2024 (India)
DirectorV.K. Prakash
WritersSuman AnkurKhandelwal, Shashank
Country of OriginIndia
Production CompaniesThe Sathish Kaushik Entertainment, Venus Films

Top Cast:

Anupam KherRajnarayan Singh
Darshan KumaarUday
Satish KaushikArya’s Father
Neena GuptaUday’s Mother
Smriti Kalra
Anang Desai
Shahid Bobby HusainP.A
Kiran Kumar
Ankur SumanAbir Gosain
Aniruddh DaveSatty
Kapil TilhariAdvocate Sunil Kukreti


The protagonist, Uday (portrayed by Darshan Kumaar), finds himself torn between his aspirations and familial responsibilities. After leaving his training at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in haste, Uday returns home, concealing the true reason for his departure from his mother (Neena Gupta). However, his reunion with his estranged father, Rajnarayan Singh (played by Anupam Kher), unravels a complex web of political intrigue and personal turmoil.

Rajnarayan’s involvement in a high-stakes legal case exposes Uday to the harsh realities of justice and morality. As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness Uday’s transformation as he confronts the challenges posed by his father’s crusade for justice. Through the portrayal of Rajnarayan’s dedication to his client (Satish Kaushik) and the pursuit of truth, the film delves into themes of integrity, sacrifice, and the quest for redemption.


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