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Joyland Box Office Collection – Worldwide

Joyland Box Office Collection

In an unexpected turn of events, Joyland, the much-anticipated film, has managed to perform exceptionally well at the domestic and overseas box office, despite facing a ban in Pakistan’s Province of Punjab. Its worldwide gross stands at PKR 50.13 Crore (or $1,749,966).

Joyland Box Office Collection (Domestic)

Joyland has already amassed an impressive collection of PKR 13.43 Crore at the domestic box office (USA & Pakistan), a testament to its widespread popularity. It was directed by Saim Sadiq, and was released across more than 200 screens in both the domestic market of Pakistan and the United States.

WeekPakistan GrossChange (+/-)
Week 1PKR 2.9 Crore
Week 2PKR 1.7 Crore-45.16%
Week 3PKR 1.4 Crore-17.65%
Week 4PKR 0.83 Crore-40.71%
Week 5PKR 0.64 Crore-22.89%
TotalPKR 7.47 Crore
WeekUSA GrossChange (+/-)
Week 1$39,840
Week 2$44,255+11.09%
Week 3$51,477+16.35%
Week 4$49,859-3.15%
Week 5$22,842-54.15%
Total$208,273 (PKR 5.96 Crore)

Joyland Box Office Collection Worldwide

The Joyland movie was released in various countries, including France, Netherlands, Spain, North Korea, and the United Kingdom. With its release on over 280+ screens overseas, the movie has successfully attracted moviegoers.

The film’s overseas screenings alone have generated an astounding $1,282,704 (equivalent to PKR 36.7 Crore). When combined with its domestic earnings of PKR 13.43 Crores, the total worldwide collection for the Joyland movie reaches an impressive PKR 50.13 Crore (or $1,749,966). This extraordinary achievement solidifies the film’s status as a global box office hit.

Markets/RegionsOverseas Gross
South KoreaN/A
Total$1,282,704 (PKR 36.7 Crore)

This Pakistan-USA-made film is not only still running in some markets worldwide, but it is also regaining momentum and is expected to exceed expectations.

About The Movie

The Joyland film stars Ali Junejo, Raasti Farooq, Alina Khan, Sarwat Gilani, Sania Saeed, Sohail Sameer, Salman Peerzada and others. It is directed by Saim Sadiq and produced by Apoorva Guru Charan, Sarmad Khoosat, Sabiha Sumar, Lauren Mann and Malala.

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