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It’s Complicated Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

It's Complicated Age Rating and Parents Guide
It's Complicated Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

It’s Complicated Age Rating and Parents Guide:

In the enchanting world of Thai drama, “It’s Complicated (เพราะรักมันซับซ้อน)” emerges as a captivating masterpiece directed by Anusorn Soisa-Ngim. The film weaves a tale of love, secrets, and the resilience of the human spirit against the backdrop of a stolen production budget and the creation of a daring BL series titled “2 Nights.”

Suggested Age Rating: 15

The suggested age rating for “It’s COMPLICATED เพราะรักมันซับซ้อน” is proposed 15, taking into consideration the storyline and genre of the movie.

Reasoning for Suggested Age Rating:

  1. Mature Themes: The storyline delves into complex themes such as clandestine romance, emotional turmoil, and the challenges faced by the characters. These mature themes may be better understood and appreciated by older teenagers and adults.
  2. Intense Emotional Content: The film explores deep emotional narratives, including secrets, betrayal, and resilience. While these themes resonate with a broad audience, older viewers may have a more nuanced understanding and emotional connection.
  3. Drama Genre: As a drama film, “It’s COMPLICATED เพราะรักมันซับซ้อน” portrays intense and intricate relationships, which may require a level of maturity to fully grasp and appreciate.
  4. Romantic Elements: The inclusion of romantic elements, including clandestine relationships and emotional entanglements, may be more suitable for older audiences who can discern the complexities of love and relationships.
  5. Cultural Context: Given the Thai cultural context and the specific genre of the BL (Boys’ Love) series, older viewers may be better equipped to appreciate the nuances and cultural aspects depicted in the film.

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Parental Guidance Suggested:

While the suggested age rating is 15, parental guidance is advised for viewers under 15. Parents are encouraged to watch the movie first and consider its themes and content to determine its appropriateness for their children. Conversations about the film’s themes can also be beneficial in helping younger viewers process and understand the storyline. Always consider individual sensitivities and preferences when deciding on age-appropriate content for children and teenagers.

Film Details:

TitleIt’s Complicated
DirectorAnusorn Soisa-Ngim
Release DateJanuary 4, 2024 (United Kingdom)
Country of OriginThailand
Official SiteAnnouncing Page
Production CompanyCommetive Production

Top Cast:

Cheng Yu ChangMarco
Dhamawat SuntanaphanJames
Kiettisak VatanavitsakulBas
Kenneth WonTee
Panupun WongjohnAit


The protagonist, James, a visionary director, faces a cruel twist of fate when his production budget is stolen. Destiny takes an unexpected turn when he encounters P’Tee, the mysterious owner of MTH Production, offering him the chance to helm the BL series “2 Nights.” As James delves into his craft, he discovers an undercurrent of disquietude affecting the gifted actors, Ait and Bas.

A clandestine romance blossoms between James and Ait, hidden from the watchful eyes of the agency. Meanwhile, Bas and Marco, a Taiwanese model and James’s confidant, slowly unravel the truth that binds them together. Amidst this emotional web, Bas faces challenges with P’Tee, finding solace in an unexpected alliance with Marco.

Together, the characters strive to aid Bas and confront the shadows haunting their lives. Adapted from “Call It What You Want,” the narrative resonates, illuminating the path to a brighter future where love, compassion, and unity triumph over adversity.


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