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Immaculate Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Immaculate Age Rating and Parents Guide
Immaculate Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Immaculate Age Rating and Parents Guide:

The chilling anticipation for the upcoming American psychological horror film, “Immaculate,” directed by Michael Mohan and written by Andrew Lobel, has horror enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Scheduled to be released on March 22, 2024, by Neon, this film promises a spine-tingling experience that will leave audiences breathless.

Age Rating: R (Restricted)

“Immaculate” has been awarded an R rating by the Motion Picture Association (MPAA). This rating indicates that the film is intended for mature audiences only, and individuals under the age of 17 should be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. The R rating is the highest age classification given by the MPAA and signifies that the content may contain strong and bloody violent content, grisly images, nudity, and some language.

Reasons Behind the Age Rating:

  1. Strong and Bloody Violent Content: “Immaculate” is expected to feature intense and graphic scenes of violence, including bloodshed, gore, and potentially disturbing imagery. These elements contribute to the film’s overall horror atmosphere but may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive viewers.
  2. Grisly Images: The film is likely to include unsettling and macabre visuals, such as ominous landscapes, eerie settings, and terrifying encounters. These images are intended to evoke fear and unease in the audience but may be too intense for viewers of a younger age.
  3. Nudity: “Immaculate” may contain scenes of nudity, which can include partial or full exposure of the human body. While nudity can serve as a storytelling device or contribute to the atmosphere of a horror film, it may not be appropriate for all audiences, particularly younger viewers.
  4. Language: The film may also feature instances of strong language, including profanity or vulgar dialogue. While language alone may not warrant an R rating, when combined with other mature themes and content, it contributes to the overall classification of the film.
  5. Religious and Supernatural Themes: The film is likely to explore complex themes related to faith, horror, and the psychological impact of Cecilia’s experiences. Such mature and intricate themes might be better appreciated and understood by an older audience.

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Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the suggested R rating indicates that the film may contain content unsuitable for viewers under 17, it also emphasizes the importance of parental guidance. Parents are encouraged to consider their children’s sensitivity to horror and psychological themes before allowing them to watch “Immaculate.”

Film Details:

DirectorMichael Mohan
WriterAndrew Lobel
Release DateMarch 22, 2024 (United States)
Country of OriginUnited States
Age RatingRated R
Filming LocationsRome, Italy
Production CompaniesBlack Bear, Fifty-Fifty Films, Lupin Film

Top Cast:

Sydney Sweeney
Álvaro Morte
Benedetta Porcaroli
Dora Romano
Giorgio Colangeli
Simona Tabasco


Cecilia, a woman deeply devoted to her faith, is warmly welcomed to the beautiful Italian countryside. She’s offered a new role at a prestigious convent, seemingly the perfect place. However, as Cecilia settles in, she begins to realize that her new home hides dark and terrifying secrets.

The plot takes a mysterious turn when Cecilia discovers she is pregnant, described as a miraculous event. However, the joy is overshadowed by ominous events. During a sinister sonogram, she is told, “It’s a miracle. You are with child.” Cecilia, filled with confusion and fear, questions why she was chosen among all the women in the world. As her pregnancy progresses, the convent transforms into an unsafe and threatening environment for Cecilia. Violent forces start pursuing her, and the once serene place turns into a nightmare.

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