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How to Date Billy Walsh Parents Guide & Age Rating (2024)

How to Date Billy Walsh Parents Guide and Age Rating
How to Date Billy Walsh Parents Guide & Age Rating (2024) 2

How to Date Billy Walsh Parents Guide and Age Rating:

“How to Date Billy Walsh” is an upcoming teen romance movie set to release on April 5, 2024, on Prime Video. Directed by Alex Pillai and written by Greer Ellison and Alexander J. Farrell, this comedy romance promises to tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a smile on your face.

How to Date Billy Walsh Age Rating: 15

“How to Date Billy Walsh” has been assigned a rating of 15, indicating that it is suitable for viewers aged 15 and above. This decision is based on several factors present in the film that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Reasons for the Age Rating:

  1. Mature Themes: The movie explores themes of teenage romance, friendship, and love, which may include scenes depicting emotional complexities and relationship dynamics that are more suitable for older teenagers and adults.
  2. Language: There may be instances of strong language or mature dialogue throughout the film, which could be inappropriate for younger viewers.
  3. Romantic Content: As a teen romance film, “How to Date Billy Walsh” may contain scenes of intimacy or romantic interactions between characters that are more appropriate for older audiences.
  4. Emotional Depth: The movie may delve into deeper emotional themes and character development that younger viewers may not fully understand or appreciate.
  5. Comedy Elements: While the film is primarily a romance, it may also include comedic elements that contain humor aimed at older audiences.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

Parents or guardians of viewers under the age of 15 are advised to exercise caution and discretion when allowing their children to watch “How to Date Billy Walsh.” While the movie may be entertaining and relatable for older teenagers, it may contain content that is not suitable for younger viewers. Parents are encouraged to consider the maturity level and sensibilities of their children before deciding whether the film is appropriate for them.

Movie Details:

TitleHow to Date Billy Walsh
Release DateApril 5, 2024
DirectorAlex Pillai
WritersGreer Ellison, Alexander J. Farrell
GenresComedy, Romance
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Production CompanyFuture Artists Entertainment
Runtime1 hour 38 minutes
NetworkAmazon Prime Video

Top Cast:

Lucy Punch
Kunal Nayyar
Tanner BuchananBilly Walsh
Tim Downie
Nick Frost
Charithra ChandranAmelia
Sebastian CroftArchie
Daisy JelleyAmber
Guz KhanCasper Knopf
Nathan HallNathan Hall
Maddie HollidayGeorge
Jocelyn Jee EsienLuyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo
Abbie HutchinsonMaggie
Charles CamroseEyebrow Girl 5
George ImerlishviliTony
Jack SmithSwim Team (as Jack Tyler Smith)


Best friends Amelia and Archie have always been there for each other, but Archie harbors a secret—he’s been in love with Amelia for as long as he can remember. Just as he gathers the courage to confess his feelings, Amelia falls for the charming American transfer student, Billy Walsh. Archie’s world is turned upside down as he tries to navigate his emotions while watching the girl he loves fall for someone else. Archie is heartbroken and tries to keep them apart, but his efforts only push Amelia and Billy closer together. Will Archie lose his chance with Amelia, or will he find a way to win her over before it’s too late?


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