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Her Şeye Rağmen Age Rating, Cast, Release Date & More (2023)

Her Şeye Rağmen Age Rating, Cast, Release Date & More
Her Şeye Rağmen Age Rating, Cast, Release Date & More (2023) 2

Her Şeye Rağmen Age Rating, Cast, Release Date & More:

“Her Şeye Rağmen” (Against All Odds) is not just a film; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and determination. Directed by Erdal Murat Aktas and penned collaboratively by Ali Dundar, Cosku Kilic, and Gürhan Özçiftçi, this cinematic masterpiece delves deep into the complexities of life, love, and the pursuit of dreams.

Age Rating: 12A

Awarded a 12A certificate, this rating offers guidance on the film’s suitability for younger viewers. Understanding the nuances of this certification provides insight into the content and themes that viewers can expect.

Understanding the 12A Certificate:

The 12A certificate indicates that the film is generally suitable for individuals aged 12 and over. However, younger children can still watch the film if accompanied by an adult. The certificate aims to strike a balance, allowing older children and teenagers to engage with thought-provoking content while providing an opportunity for families to experience the film together.

Reasoning Behind the Rating:

1. Mature Themes:

“Her Şeye Rağmen” delves into complex themes such as resilience, childhood trauma, and personal growth. The 12A rating acknowledges these mature elements, suggesting that the content may be more suitable for older children and teenagers who can appreciate and engage with the film’s deeper messages.

2. Moderate Intensity:

While the film may contain scenes or elements that could be unsettling for younger viewers, the 12A rating suggests that these moments are presented with a level of restraint, ensuring that the overall viewing experience remains accessible to a broader audience.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

The 12A certification emphasizes the importance of parental guidance. By allowing younger viewers to watch the film accompanied by an adult, the rating encourages families to discuss the content and themes, fostering meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

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Other Details:

TitleHer Şeye Rağmen
DirectorErdal Murat Aktas
WritersAli Dundar, Cosku Kilic, Gürhan Özçiftçi
Release DateSeptember 29, 2023 (Turkey)
January 12, 2024 (US)
February 12, 2024 (UK)
Countries of OriginTurkey, Germany, Spain
LanguagesTurkish, German, French, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic
Also Known AsRegardless
Filming LocationsAdana, Turkey
Production CompaniesEMA Creative Works, EMA Film Barcelona, LYN Pictures
Runtime1 hour 56 minutes
Taglines“Yara kabuk baglar kimlik olur.” – The wound forms a scab, becomes an identity.

Top Cast:

Robert MaaserWayne
Aslihan MalboraMelahat
Erkan PetekkayaIlhan
Ekin Mert DaymazOrhan
Dogukan GüngörAyhan
Nihan BüyükagaçSevim
Dogan Baris YasarGerman trainer
Barbara SotelsekAndrea
Haki BiçiciSerdar
Sinan AkdenizIlhan
Riza AkinMustafa
Melissa DegerLoreena
Yalçin ZobuMustafa
Meral PerinFiliz
Holger DoellmannKlaus
Christoph JacobiDieter
Emine DorukJulia
Deniz KaraPresenter

Film’s Overview:

Despite the adversities of life, “Her Şeye Rağmen” (Regardless) emphasizes the possibility of rising from rock bottom to reaching for the stars. The film underscores the importance of pursuing goals with determination and composure. A young man, raised in an environment devoid of love and filled with violence, starts life from scratch. Climbing the career ladder step by step, he becomes a master of networking on a global scale. However, he carries the burden of childhood wounds throughout his life. The film highlights that, although challenging, there is no obstacle in life that cannot be overcome.


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