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Haunted Mansion’s Rating has been Revealed!

Haunted Mansion Ratings: The Hollywood film has been rated "PG" on average.

Haunted Mansion's Rating has been Revealed!

The moviegoers are eagerly searching for the age rating, with “Haunted Mansion Rating” being a popular search term. For those planning to watch Haunted Mansion movie, let’s take a look at the age ratings of this Hollywood movie.

Haunted Mansion’s Rating has been Revealed!

The Haunted Mansion film has been rated “PG” on average by classification boards in different countries. However, some countries, such as Switzerland, have stated that the film is appropriate for audiences aged eight and over.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rated Haunted Mansion as “PG-13” for some thematic elements and scary action. 

The following table shows the ratings for the Haunted Mansion film, as announced by the respective film classification boards of different countries:

United StatesPG-13
IndiaPG (Not Officially Confirmed)
United Kingdom12A
United Kingdom12A
AustraliaPG (Not Officially Confirmed)
South Korea12
Haunted Mansion Ratings

Overall Content

Haunted Mansion is a thrilling horror-comedy film that contains elements of suspense, supernatural occurrences, and moderate horror themes. As such, it may not be suitable for younger audiences.


The BBFC has stated that the film contains infrequent use of mild language but no strong profanity.


The film contains scenes of moderate-level supernatural violence, such as ghostly apparitions, eerie encounters, and moments of suspense. While there is no graphic violence, some scenes may be too intense for younger viewers. 

A Movie scene from Haunted Mansion (2023)
A Movie scene from Haunted Mansion (Image Credit: Disney)

Scary and Intense Scenes 

According to The Movie Guide Organization, Haunted Mansion film features spooky and suspenseful sequences, including eerie sounds and ghostly apparitions. 

IMDb has also reported that this film version is significantly scarier than its 2003 version.

Suggestive Content

The movie contains no explicit or sexual content. There may be mild romantic elements appropriate for older children and teenagers.

Substance Use

According to the reports of various classification boards of different countries, No substance use, such as alcohol or drugs, is depicted in the movie.


The movie is suitable for children aged 13 and above. Parents are advised to use their judgment based on their child’s sensitivity to scary content.


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