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Ganapath Box Office Collection Worldwide (2023)

Ganapath Box Office Collection Worldwide
Ganapath Box Office Collection Worldwide (2023) 2

Ganapath Box Office Collection Worldwide

Tiger Shroff, known for his action-packed roles, has faced challenges at the box office in the post-pandemic era. Despite a track record of big openers before the COVID-19 pandemic, his recent film, “Ganapath,” has experienced a disappointing performance. Released on October 20th, the film, directed by Vikas Bahl, is a high-budget dystopian action film, features an ensemble cast, including Kriti Sanon and Amitabh Bachchan.

Ganapath’s Epic Disaster

“Ganapath” opened to less than favorable reviews from both critics and audiences alike. Notably, it marked the lowest opening in Tiger Shroff’s career, falling short of the debut film “Heropanti.” The tepid response left a significant impact, signaling an uphill battle for the film.

Despite the absence of major competition, the film struggled to make a mark at the Indian box office, earning just 6.50 crores net during its opening weekend. The disappointing numbers continued to haunt the film as it only managed to gather 1.25 crores on Monday.

Anticipating a boost on Tuesday, which coincided with Dussehra, the film faced another setback as it barely improved its collection, recording just 1.30 crores on the fifth day.

With festivities behind, “Ganapath” faced a harsh reality, leaving its future prospects in doubt.

Considering the overall performance, “Ganapath” stands at 10.9 crores net in the Indian box office, equivalent to 12.9 crores gross. Overseas collections have not fared better, as the film earned just 2.1 crores gross. This brings the worldwide collection of “Ganapath” to a total of 15 crores gross, confirming the film’s struggle.

Collection TypeAmount (in crores)
Indian Opening Weekend6.50
Monday Collection1.25
Tuesday Collection1.30
Total Indian Collection12.9
Overseas Collection2.1
Worldwide Collection15

As the week progresses, “Ganapath” is likely to experience a significant reduction in the number of shows across the country. This setback will ultimately lead to the film concluding its global run with collections well below the 20 crores gross mark.

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