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Filming Locations of The Fall Guy (2024)

Filming Locations of The Fall Guy
Filming Locations of The Fall Guy (2024) 2

Filming Locations of The Fall Guy:

“The Fall Guy,” the much-anticipated action-comedy featuring Hollywood stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, chose the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia, as its principal filming location. With its iconic landmarks and dynamic urban landscapes, Sydney provides a stunning backdrop for the film’s thrilling sequences and dramatic moments.

Disney Studios Australia, Moore Park:

The production kicked off its principal photography in October 2022 at the renowned Disney Studios Australia, located in Moore Park, Sydney. This state-of-the-art facility has been a hub for numerous film productions, offering world-class amenities and versatile filming spaces that cater to various cinematic needs.

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Goulburn Street Parking Lot:

On October 20, 2022, the Goulburn Street parking lot in Sydney transformed into a bustling film set, capturing the attention of locals and media alike. Images from the night shoots revealed Ryan Gosling, sporting a distinct long hair and beard look, hinting at the character’s rugged persona and adding to the film’s intrigue.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:

One of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, played a pivotal role in the film’s narrative. On January 22, 2023, the bridge was temporarily closed to facilitate the filming of pivotal scenes involving Ryan Gosling. This rare filming opportunity not only showcases the bridge’s majestic architecture but also adds a touch of grandeur to the movie’s visuals.

Completion of Principal Photography:

The filming journey in Sydney concluded on March 2, 2023, marking the completion of principal photography for “The Fall Guy.” The production team, cast, and crew bid farewell to the city’s picturesque locations, wrapping up a successful filming schedule filled with memorable moments and cinematic magic.


Sydney, with its blend of modernity and natural beauty, serves as more than just a backdrop for “The Fall Guy.” It becomes a character in itself, contributing to the film’s atmosphere and narrative depth. From the bustling streets to the iconic landmarks, Sydney’s diverse locales offer a cinematic experience that complements the star-studded cast’s performances. As audiences await the film’s release, they can look forward to a visual treat that beautifully captures the essence of this vibrant Australian city.

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