Femme Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023)

Femme Age Rating and Parents Guide
Femme Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023) 2

Femme Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Femme,” a 2023 British thriller, has emerged as a riveting cinematic experience that delves into the complexities of revenge, identity, and human connection. Written and directed by the talented duo Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping, this feature-length adaptation builds upon their BAFTA-nominated short film, expanding the narrative to captivate audiences with its intense storyline and powerful performances.

Age Rating: Certificate 18

In the United Kingdom, the 18 certificate indicates that a film is suitable only for adults. This rating is reserved for films that contain strong content, including scenes of a graphic nature, violence, or themes that may be distressing for younger audiences. The classification emphasizes the importance of ensuring that viewers are of legal age and prepared for the potentially challenging content.

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Reasoning Behind the Rating:

  1. Graphic Content: “Femme” addresses the aftermath of a horrific homophobic attack, exploring the emotional and psychological impact on the victim. Such themes may include scenes of violence or distressing content, warranting an 18 certificate.
  2. Mature Themes: The film delves into complex themes of revenge, resilience, and confrontation, portraying intense emotions and situations that may not be suitable for younger viewers.
  3. Audience Sensitivity: Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the 18 certificate serves as a precautionary measure to ensure that viewers are prepared for the film’s content and potential impact.

Parental Guidance Encouraged:

While the 18 certificate provides clear guidance, it’s essential for viewers to approach the film with discretion and awareness of its mature themes. Parents are advised to consider the film’s content and potential impact on younger viewers, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making.

Film Details:

DirectorSam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping
WriterSam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping
Release DateDecember 1, 2023 (UK)
March 22, 2024 (USA)
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Filming LocationsLondon, England, UK
Production CompaniesAgile Films, Anton, BBC Film
Runtime1 hour 39 minutes

Top Cast:

George MacKayPreston
Nathan Stewart-JarrettJules
Aaron HeffernanOz
John McCreaToby
Antonia ClarkeMolly
Nima TaleghaniBijan
Moe Bar-ElDonovan
Peter McPhersonConcerned Man
Asha ReidAlicia
Ryan Walker-EdwardsLocker Room Guy
Luis TorrecillaSauna man
Paris TenanaLarry
Peter ClementsAnton
John LeaderCalvin
Jackson MilnerLee

Film Overview:

“Femme” follows the harrowing story of Jules, portrayed by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, who becomes the target of a horrifying homophobic attack that shatters his life and career. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when, after some time, Jules encounters Preston, played by George MacKay, one of his attackers, in a gay sauna. Fuelled by a desire for revenge, the film explores themes of resilience, justice, and the complexities of human connection.

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